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Cultural Differences In Eastern and Western Fashion Trends

Cultural Comparisons of Short Skirts

There is no comparison between any Asian girls in mainland China compared to the Asian Australians.  You just can’t compare.

In Sydney today, one Asian girl I met was walking up the train station stairs wearing a short black skirt, so high that you can see her underwear with each step she took.  You would not see that sort of immodesty in China.

Mainland Chinese traditionally dress to look super sexy, but would still exhibit guarded (保守) and traditional (传统) characteristics.  This Australian girl‘s dress sense on the contrary would be considered outrageous (太色) in China.

The Australian girl is thinking, “How much of my pussy can I show to men, all the while feigning innocence, pretending I am not doing it.”

Double Standards of Indecent Exposure

A double standard has emerged in Australian fashion, where those who don short shorts proudly walk around showing their bare ass off in public.  It is indecent exposure, but because they are female, nobody is saying anything about it.

Why do girls get a free pass to show off their naked ass, and guys don’t get a free pass to show off their flapping dick?

If you had similar “free” fashion for males, and they are indecently exposing some body part – which would happen to be their penis because girls do not have that – then what is wrong with that?

Men’s Fashion – Penis Flaps

I feel, if girls can wear short shorts in Australia, then I think the answer for equality is that Australian men should be able to wear “penis flaps” on their shorts.

If the name of the game is to emphasise your body part, then why can’t men emphasise how big their penis is?  If you have a big penis, wear a big flap, and occasionally it will flap open and people can see it.

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