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Mad Chaos: Thursday, January 9, 1997

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

The alarm went off at 9:30 am this morning so I could hand in the form in early time.  But I went back to sleep.

Calling Kathryn From Campbelltown

Waking up at 1:00 pm, I had a shower, ate, and left on foot for Campbelltown.

I rang Kathryn today while at Campbelltown.  She is doing something tonight but she might call me tomorrow.  The last few days she went away to her grandparents.

Business in Campbelltown was straight forward, handing in my form, and then walking to Skillshare.

Typing Speed Test At Skillshare

employment studyWhile at Skillshare I had another typing test done but it wasn’t as good as my 51 WPM.  I could have done heaps better.

The lady giving me a lesson was hot for her age.   I couldn’t stop admiring her beauty and fantasizing a little.  Her name was Chris – short for Christy I guess.

She had a see through shirt like my soccer shirt, and she was tall, long legs, hand-full features and a nice face.  She was my material.

Visit Dina’s House

After Skillshare I walked home.  Imad rang me so I walked to Dina’s house.

While I was there, Dina told me how she is giving Imad a week off from her, and how she thinks that they are going to break up.  I rang up Imad and he has something to tell me about their relationship.  He should be here now.

Imad swapped his car for a Toyota Corolla, yellow manual, because he likes manual cars.

Planning Shopping

Tomorrow I am getting a 12 inch speaker for my home stereo system.  Some money is also going to the gym, and towards shoes for interviews.

12 Inch Speaker
Interview Shoes
Gridiron Registration $80
Gridiron Shoes
Nike Sand Shoes

My money for the next fortnight is already thought of with me paying $80 for gridiron, money for gridiron shoes, and normal Nike sand-shoes, and more clothes.

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