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Mad Chaos: Friday, January 10, 1997

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

It is funny how you feel good and relaxed after you go shopping.  Now I know how Beverly Hills feels all the time.

Shopping In Campbelltown

Waking up at 1:00 pm I put some clothes on and walked towards Campbelltown, ringing Tatton from a payphone to see why he didn’t ring me.  The bum had finished gym.  He was getting the tools ready for making the hole for the speaker bigger at my house.

At Campbelltown, after getting money out the bank, I firstly bought Vitamin C.

The next two things I bought were some black Dunlop Rollers and my 12-inch speaker.  The speaker works pretty sick and looks it too.  I talked to some people.  Then I got my dad to pick me up, reason being the speaker was too big to carry home.

Installing The 12 Inch Speaker

We picked up Tatton and then spent an hour fixing inside the speaker box and cleaning the room.

Tabitha rang me before I hooked the speaker up.  She told me that she will be around this week, Yay!

Keith came over and received his CDs.  Then he drove home with his mum.  The idiot wanted me to ride my racer over there and drop them off, and my racer has a flat.

One more bass speaker to go, and then I am going to fix the treble speakers up one at a time.  They should be finished by the middle of the year.

I’m going to have one solid treble at the top of the box, one bass-like treble that is like a midrange subwoofer, and also a dipole tweeter on each speaker box.

After that I will consider upgrading the shit with more holes to make it more attractive.

The shoes look good with my Keppers.  They will make good interview shoes.

Waiting For Tatton

Right now I am waiting for either Tatton to come with someone from Pizza Hut or Keith to come by, but I guess he has to see his woman tonight.

It’s time to get bored tonight and play some computer for a while.

Phoenix is going good with Jeremy, and Kathryn hasn’t called me yet, so I’m getting depressed little by little.

Planning Ahead

My next pay, which is $175, will be spent on shoes for gridiron, plus registration money for gridiron.  I might buy a new chain if I have the money.

  • Gridiron shoes
  • Gridiron registration
  • Necklace chain

I just shaved my legs again.  I bought some new shaving equipment today, a new razor.

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