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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, December 24, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Midnight Séance In Wedderburn

Last night Keith picked me up.  We drove to Pizza Hut where we saw Bình.

I can’t recall too much about last night because it is not the time of day for it, but I do remember doing a séance at a girl’s house in Wedderburn.

We had Miroslav, Silvester, Keith, Redd, Jaromir, Hudson, Ralf, and me there.

We had a séance in a nice room.  As usual, me and Keith pushed it – or rather – thought for it where to go.  The spirit was saying Miroslav was a killer.  It was the devil or a bad spirit, and we got the devil back more than 3 times.

Miroslav was so peaked that he had to leave the room.  He never put his finger on the glass.

Stealing A 3D Santa

After everyone got peaked we drove to Caltex in Campbelltown.  We stopped there to talk about the shit that happened.

After about half an hour we drove around.  We drove near my house where there was a stuffed 3D Santa.  Keith got out of the car and walked up to take it.  When he got onto the veranda, he took the Santa.  Someone started yelling from inside the house.  Keith walked the 3D Santa to Jaromir’s car.  While Keith was getting in the car Jaromir ran over his foot.

Keith lost his shoe.

Stealing One More Santa

I was with Miroslav.  Going up towards Pizza Hut we saw Santa on the Moore Oxley Bypass.  Then we saw the others.

Miroslav stopped the car.  I picked up Santa and put him in Miroslav’s car.  Then we drove to my house where I put him inside.  He’s still with me.  We’re going to do some mean shit tomorrow for Christmas with him.

Keith and I drove back to the street where he lost his shoe.  I walked up the street to look for his shoe, but it wasn’t there.

Waking Up Late Today

Today I slept until 1:30 pm again (it’s getting later these days).

Keith rang me up to see if the shoe is on their veranda, but I still haven’t checked it out yet.

I’ve had some nice things to eat, but haven’t had enough energy to get out of the house and do something.

Kathryn Is A No-Show

Why does Kathryn not ring me?

While I was just thinking about Kathryn in my room making me happy and me giving back pleasure in return, I want that to happen again.  It is only 2 more days until I ring.

Planning Ahead

I’m listening to Mariah Carey.

Also, I won’t go to gym until Thursday, and then Friday for upper body.

I’m going to get off now and have a rest until someone rings me tonight.

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