Mad Chaos: Thursday, December 12, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Looking For After-Formal Parties

Miroslav picked me up last night with the red Charade Igor.  We left for Campbelltown to look for after-formal parties.

We drove to where there was supposed to be one after-formal party in Campbelltown, and another, but there was no one going to any parties.

We checked to see if anyone was coming out of the Catholic Club but there was nothing there.

Cruise To Eschol Park

Keith caught up with us a bit later.  Igor left for home and it was me, Miroslav, Hudson, and Parker in Miroslav’s car with Keith and Tamsen in the other.

We just circled around for a bit going to Eschol park.  We were coming out of this driveway when we stopped because of a car suspiciously following us.  As we were backing out, Keith ran into a 1-meter ditch and his car got stuck.

After some laughing we all got behind it and some effort helped us to push the car up and out.  The back bumper was a bit out of shape but Keith fixed that up today.

Remembering A Nightmare Dream

I remember around Monday or Tuesday I took a day nap.  I had a bad dream where I woke up shaking.  It was the first of that kind of dream for me, so I’m going to write in detail what happened.

I was playing Gridiron on the computer.  Then I felt tired, so I dozed off.  In my dream I remembered playing the computer but the graphics were much bigger vertically.  They looked very strange on the computer.  I felt that it was wrong and looked over at the port where I plug the computer in, and it wasn’t plugged in.

At that moment while I was still sleeping, I started shaking in a scared state while being halfway between moaning and yelling.  The kind of yell you would give out when you are completely scared as if you saw a ghost, and open your mouth to yell, but you are so scared it hardly comes out.

The view started changing to the roof of the house in the dream.  There was a roof window with wooden squares on it that opened up.  It appeared as if I was floating towards the window and out of it.

This is where I really started shaking.

In my head now I was saying to myself “Wake up Tony, Wake up Tony,” which I have never done in my subconscious before.

Slowly, I started to regain consciousness.  At first I didn’t know exactly where I was.  My head was a blur as if I was about to pass out.

As my vision became clear, I knew I was still shaking and was stirred up a bit.  I can’t tell why I didn’t write this encounter down.

My thoughts as to why this happened would be that I had an egg sandwich with lots of oil in it and I went to sleep straight after, and could feel the oil in my body.  I didn’t wash it down or anything.

There could have been lots of cholesterol in my system, but I know that if I didn’t wake up I could have been in big trouble when I woke up later, if I woke up at all.

See Yorgos In Social Security

Waking up at 12:00 pm today, I was late at handing in my form, but I got to meet Yorgos Metaxas at social security.  He told me that he was getting married in two month’s time with his wife-to-be.  We talked for a while.

I perved at this chick with nice built legs and a girl that looked like Annabelle.

Visited Pizza Hut

From there I rode to Pizza Hut where I saw Rory and Harley was with him.  I sat and talked to her for about half an hour.  I felt a bit aroused by her but only a bit.

Keith Drives Over

From there I went home and stayed here for a while eating.

Just half an hour ago Keith came over.  He wants to go out tonight with Miroslav again around 9:30 pm.  He is getting Miroslav to call me and see what will happen, if anything is to happen.

Tomorrow I am hopefully getting my CD Carousel.  I will cut my hair shorter and get a bit of clothes, plus pay $20 to mum if she asks for it.

Now I am going to eat, so talk to myself tomorrow after gym.

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