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Mad Chaos: Sunday, December 15, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Wish Nina A Happy Birthday

Yesterday I woke up around 12:00 pm.  I can’t remember all the day in detail at the moment but I do remember riding to Pizza Hut to see Rory.  He was by himself.

Then I rode to Tatton’s house.  From Tatton’s house we walked to see Nina because it was her birthday yesterday.  I wanted to say happy birthday.  She wasn’t home but we talked to Rina and Sam for about 45 or so minutes.

From there we walked to my house and played the computer until around 8:30 pm.

Head To Pizza Hut

We started walking to Campbelltown to go out.  We got to Pizza Hut and Rory wasn’t there.  So we went to ring Miroslav, but the phone hung up on us and didn’t connect.  I was pissed off and hit the phone hard twice, but it didn’t matter because I didn’t get my money back.

Walking to the front of Pizza Hut we saw Miroslav out the front.  Jaromir had his new white Corolla with him.

Tatton ran to them like an idiot.  We got in with Miroslav and his woman.

At the start it was just us with Rory, but then it picked up to Red Charade Igor, Redd, and Pedro – this guy that drives a 4X4 CB4 Jeep.

Drive to Skater’s Party

At first, we went to a skater’s party.  Hudson and Kobi were there.  Hudson hitched with us to Woodbine McDonalds.  We sat there for a while.

Drive To Raby Lookout

From there we drove to Raby lookout.  We stayed there for a short time before dropping the girls off and going to the city.

Drive To Sydney City

At the city we done the usual, which was shout at people from the car and not get out of the cars.  We drove around in the city.

Drive To Bondi

Then we moved onto Bondi.

We had both Miroslav and Igor driving in the city with 5 people in each car.  We were abusing people and slapping women’s butts out of the car, and using the speaker phone.

Stealing Newspapers

We all stayed out until 4:00 am.  I got a lift home with Redd.

Tatton was also with us.  He was an idiot in the whole trip stopping off to buy biscuits and Nutella so he could eat at 3:00 am in the morning.  Everyone had a big laugh at him.  Then they all fell asleep on the way home except for me and Miroslav.

Redd drove me to get some newspapers from Bradbury shops.  Then he drove me home, where I didn’t get to sleep until 5:00 am.

Wedderburn Bike Ride Reaches 74.9 Km/h

Today I woke up at 2:00 pm.  It’s getting later every day towards the new year.

Today I had a sun bake because it was a hot day.  Then I went on a bike ride.

exerciseI rode in shorts and shirt to Wedderburn.  I rode all the way up the track to come back down.  On the first part I took it easy and didn’t expend too much energy.  On the way back down I took off my shirt and caned it.

It took me 4.5 minutes to do 3.5 kilometers.  My fastest speed was down the gorge bit going at 74.9 Km/h.  It felt like I was flying, which I was.  After that I had a bit of a rest and put my shirt back on.

Tatton Suggests Drag Races

I came home, where Tatton rang me.  He wants to know what time the drags start tonight.  I don’t know if I’m going to go down, because like yesterday, he’s just going to hang off me.  I’m the only one he really knows there so he’ll cling to me like a bad smell.  I’ll go if someone rings me up and I score a lift, but otherwise it’s going to be an interestingly early night tonight.

Looking Forward To Kathryn

I’m listening to Black Street now.  I was just remembering Kathryn and contemplating what is going to happen in the near future with her.  I’m anticipating like a motha fucka.

So now my hair is cut short for the new year but is still long, just the same length as the front hair.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow might be a busy day with me going shopping with my mum, and then going shopping at Macarthur Square for some clothes with Tatton.  I might also be going to the gym to work out, depending on if Keith is going to be there, or if I will feel like a workout tomorrow.

I need new shirts so that’s what I’m going out to buy tomorrow.  With my next pay I am going to get pants and a jumper to go with it.

Now I’m going to fix my back up diary disk because its disk validate fucked.

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