Mad Chaos: Monday, December 23, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Kathryn Returns To Sydney

I just got up and I can hardly see, because I have information to input.

Kathryn is back now.  She came down on Friday.

I learnt from two sources, Imad  who saw her at Macarthur Square, Tatton who found out from Nina, and also Keith who just saw her today and is going to say something to her for me if he sees her.

Tatton rang me up yesterday and told me about Kathryn.  It would have been a good time for her to come over, because my parents were out for a very long time.

A girl called me 3 times yesterday.  It could have been Heather, or if I’m lucky, Kathryn.  That’s what I am going to find out after this entry.

Pizza Hut With Simon

Later on close to 4:00 pm yesterday I rode to Pizza Hut.  My tire got flat just before the entry.  Simon was there and Rory was too, but he left soon after that.

I stayed with Simon and Silvester for some runs until 7:00 pm.  That’s when Keith came down.  Tatton came down too.  Keith dropped Tamsen home to get dressed and ready for last night.

Drive To Camelot

After all the preparation we met Miroslav at Camelot.  We were going to have a séance there.  Miroslav tried to scare us but he’s not as good as me.

They left for home because it was Miroslav’s birthday, and he went for a balloon ride for it.

A Séance At Bradbury Oval

After that shit, Keith, Tatton, Tamsen, Silvester and me drove to Bradbury Oval.  We walked to the Cricket Nets and sat down with a home-made Ouija board and had a séance.

Keith was pushing it at first, but me and Tamsen helped him out because we didn’t want a real séance.  Silvester was shitting himself because the spirit didn’t like him and wanted him killed.  Tatton was shitting himself because the devil told him that it had his soul, which was played by me.

After we scared the fuck out of them, Silvester drove Tatton home.  We had a good laugh at them on the way back home.

Thinking Of Kathryn

Keith just rang me up then.  We are going to the gym today.  The weather is about 32 degrees, so it will be a good, sweaty workout.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a fuck.  I’m just anticipating having one with Kathryn now.  If Kathryn doesn’t call me before Christmas then I will call her on the 26th.

Nina is angry with me because I never talk to her, so she doesn’t want me to see her until later, the selfish bitch.

I’m going to wait for Keith, have a shower and then we are going to the gym.  Then I’ll see after that.

Today it is gym time, and time to get some Keppers.

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