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Mad Chaos: Thursday, November 14, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Preparing For Macarthur Square

I went upstairs to make myself some lunch after 3:00 pm.  I had a shower and I was cooking some chicken when I looked outside and saw Keith was just leaving my house.  I went downstairs.  Dad said he checked all over, and then left.

I kept eating and then walked to the shops to ring him, but he didn’t answer his phone.  So I rang Rory, and told him I was going down later.

Macarthur Square Hang Out With Keith And Tamsen

Keith rang me a bit later when I went back home.  He picked me up around 4:00 pm.  Tamsen was with him.  We went to Macarthur Square.

I put the Dove Shack and Warren G’s Regulate on hold for tomorrow and checked out some hats.  Tamsen got angry at Keith for a bit because she was talking to a friend of hers and Keith wanted to talk to Imad.

I went to look at hats too and I am going to get a Nike Symbol hat, a hat saying NIKE over it and probably a normal hat with nothing on it, just black.

I saw Shawn, Ned and Brodie down there and also Bane and some girls.

Pizza Hut With Rory

Keith dropped me off at Pizza Hut so I could go with Rory.  He cashed off.

Imad was working and so was Celeste.  I talked to Imad and told him to come out with us tonight.  He got Rory’s phone number.

Janice and Harley were in the back of the car.  Harley was being a bitch to me thinking she was higher than me.  Sitting in the front seat next to me talking about black guy’s dicks and she’s still a virgin.

Abusing Harley

Rory cashed off and told Harley to get in the back.  She said something to me.  I just started abusing the Bitch, calling her a slut and a dumb bitch and shit like that.  Rory seemed to agree with me.  To rub it in her face, we were going to Rory’s courtesy car that was on Airds Rd so I could drive it to his house.

Rory stopped the courtesy car on a run and got his Valiant to drive because it was better.  He put a new carburetor in it and it went alright.

Drove Rory’s Valiant To His House

We got to the car.  I drove it by myself from Airds Road past Campbelltown Pizza Hut to Rory’s house.  It stalled on me once and the petrol was really low on it.

We were on Oxley Road (The highway off the top of St Johns Road on my side).  On the lights of St Johns road there was a car next to me and we had to turn left.  I was all the way right.

Rory took off.  I put the foot to the gas and got to 90 Km/h and overtook the car that was next to me, not to mention with impossible steering and a shitty auto.

Keith Books Formule One Motel

We got to his house.  I parked Rory’s car.  Then we stayed there for a while.

I got something to drink and we let Janice and Harley talk in the car amongst themselves.

Keith came down a bit later because he rang Rory.  They are staying in the Hotel at Woodbine called Formule One to have sex (with other people I gather).

Under Macarthur University Spray Painting With The Boys

We drove to Macarthur Square.  Ned and all them were still there.  This is where the earlier shit comes together.

We drove to Pizza Hut.  Hudson and some boys that run with Miroslav and Hudson came down.  Only Hudson stayed with us.  Then Ralf pulled up with us.

We drove to the University under the bridge where the football field is next to the train station walkway.  It as alright there but not good enough.  We met Ned’s car there.  Imad came down too.

We walked to the road and started causing chaos by spray-painting shit.  Tarina was still upset at me.  At Pizza Hut Celeste had a talk to me about it and thought that I should apologize but that bitch should apologize for being a bitch.

After that spray-painting, Rory had to go home because he was making dough at Pizza Hut tomorrow at 4:00 am.

Ralf And Imad Argue Over Who Drives

I got in Imad’s car and we went to Ralf’s house so he could drop his car off.  Hudson, Brodie, Shawn, Ralf, me and Imad were there.  I was in Ralf’s front seat.  Ralf wanted to go doing some car window smashing.  But Imad didn’t want to fit 4 people in the back.

Ralf started to get pissed off at Brodie telling everyone to shut up because he didn’t want to drive his car, but there were too much people for Imad’s car.  We all left for home to do nothing tonight but leave it for tomorrow.

We  went to drop everyone off but still done some bad shit like what we usually do.

Friends Planning To Leave Sydney

Rory is leaving soon moving away and William is moving for a job down in South Australia for 2 months.

Rory is leaving in about 2 months after his formal, so that means he’ll be here for the summer and New Years.  If he goes for good then I will actually miss having him around.  He is pretty helpful and he’s there when most people aren’t there.

Like him… people need me.  If I died tomorrow, everyone will be feeling a great loss because they will be missing a part of their lives.  My close friends like Imad and Keith and even Rory will feel greater pain when I’m gone.

Slashing Mike’s Car Tires

When we were out with Imad dropping everyone off, we went past Mike’s house (the one Imad doesn’t like very much because he once got onto Dina).  Brodie and Hudson got out and slashed his car’s tires.  We drove past it 5 minutes later and saw it was lowered.  There were people there looking as we drove past.

Everyone knows about the shit that I did to that car.  I found out the car blew out and the chassis was really fucked up.  They towed it away this morning.

Planning Ahead

I’m going to go to sleep early today because tomorrow I have gym around 1:30 pm or later, because Rory might be coming.  I have to get my CDs and hats and send in my bike rim to get fixed before working out.

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