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Mad Chaos: Sunday, November 3, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Anxo’s Party

Last night after I wrote my last entry, a lot of shit happened, so it’s going to take more than a page to write it.

I went over to Astor’s house.  At first I thought no one was there, so I left.  I then saw Ned coming up the street.  He told me that there was someone there.  So, we went back,  The party was kind of started.

I went in for a bit.

The Carnival In Campbelltown

There weren’t many people there, so I went down to Campbelltown with William, Anxo and Cartman to pick up Shawn.

We went to the Carnival.  The fireworks were going off tonight, and I didn’t even know about it.  I left them and went down to Campbelltown to see if Rory was at McDonalds.  He wasn’t there.  I went for a walk to call Rory and Imad but the payphone stole my money.  I think it is actually a plan for Telstra to take our money for that $3 million dollar give back.

I rang up Rory from the other payphone.  I just talked to him to see if he was going to come down to see the fireworks.  Then I hung up the phone and started walking to the carnival.

Bumping Into People At The Carnival

I saw these people there that I saw at last year’s carnival.  I also saw Pavlina and her scabby friends.  I sat and talked to them for a bit.  She had an ugly, new hairstyle that made her look fucked.

I then went to the carnival and saw, Valerie, her boyfriend, Berenice and Carey.  I saw William and Maura, Janice, Harley and Celeste and the rest.  I caught up with a lot of other people and saw Kauri Hohepa down there.

I saw Tobin Ryers down there.  We talked for a bit.  I think he had his girlfriend with him and he had his brother with him.

Then I went for another walk around the park.  I was coming down to sit down to watch the fireworks, but they went off, so I started walking faster.  I saw Cartman and Shawn so I stayed with them and watched the fireworks.

Listen To Talent Quest With Ralf

When the fireworks were over Ralf came up to us.  Me and him stuck together for the rest of the night, walking around, looking at chicks, and listening to the music bands.

We walked to the music show thing.  It was a talent quest thing.  There were a lot of grunge groups there.  We sat down on the grass and laughed at them, hard.

We then went for walks and talked to lots of people and we saw Monica, which I know from William Wishmonger.

Return To Astor’s Party

We kept walking around and looking at a lot of nice ass.  Then we left in Ralf’s car to go to the party.  He put on his system and some Dove Shack on our way to Astor’s party.

When we got there, Valerie and Berenice were there.  They were sad and crying, and so were all the other girls there.  I heard that Berenice was crying because she was also raped.  Janice and the others were sad because Cory came to Astor’s party while Monica was there.  They all had a big argument.  Cole (Valerie’s boyfriend) looked like an idiot when he heard.  I don’t think he knows about the rape.

The party was kind of alright.  I walked in and hung around with them for a while.  I got some wood for the fire from up the street and then ate some of Astor’s food.

Tamsen Is Too Feisty

About two hours later Keith turned up with Tamsen.  They stayed for a bit.  Tamsen got a bit out of control with me.  She started being sarcastic with me and she was on red cordial or something.  She came up to my face sarcastically as if she wanted to fight.  I went along with it.

Keith was pulling her back because it was going the wrong way.  She kicked me in the nackers.  That made the situation worse, but I can handle pressure, and it didn’t really bother me.

Cruising To King’s Cross With Keith

Later on that night Keith when he dropped off Tamsen, he rang up Miroslav and asked if we wanted to go to the city with Miroslav.  I said, “Yeah alright.”  I committed myself to no sleep.

It was me, Rory and Keith and we left for Sydney.

I got down there an hour later.  We met Miroslav in King’s Cross.  We parked the car.  Miroslav was on foot with 3 other guys, including Hudson.

We went walking up and down King’s Cross.  We were looking at hookers.  There were some very hot, scantily dressed ones too.

We got some McDonalds.  I was very hungry.  Keith bought me a drink, and then we went off again.

We walked past this hooker that was very foul.  She was alright but the thing is she had a leg spread and she was sitting on steps with no underwear on.  We all walked past and it was fucken foul to look at.

Seven People Cruising In One Car

We didn’t really stay down there for long.  I wanted to get into a strip club but we ended up getting in the car to go somewhere else.  There were seven of us and only one car, so four had to get in the back.  Me and Miroslav were in the front seat and I was crouched right in the front.

We drove around a bit.  Then when everything was closed, we headed home.  I was practically sitting on Miroslav’s leg.

10 minutes out of Campbelltown I got into the boot.  It was a lot more comfortable.  Then we got home.


Rory got his car and Keith drove his.  We went Gnome napping at 5:00 am in the morning.  We went to Astor’s house and woke him up.  Then they turned his stereo up really loud, and we ran and got in the cars and left.  We went around and stole around 5 gnomes or more from peoples’ houses.

Then we went to Woodbine McDonalds.  Keith bought me another burger.  I had fun eating that.  Then we got back in the cars.  I got in Rory’s car.  We went to drop this kid off in Kentlyn.  We then went to Silvester’s house to drop off the gnomes and he dropped me off.

Everyone went to sleep except for Keith, who washed his car and only slept for about an hour.

I woke up at 12:00 pm or later, had something to eat, read the paper and then went downstairs and listened to some music.  I was very sore in the legs, but I went for a walk and saw Ralf at his house.

Ralf Fights With His Parents

When I walked in, he was crying for some reason, because he was fighting with his parents.  I stayed there for about 2 hours.  We just talked about shit and relaxed on his bed.

Then I went to Campbelltown.  I went to see if Rory was at Pizza hut, but he wasn’t.  So I started heading home.

I saw Ralf going home and waved at him because he was at Campbelltown.  Then Keith drove next to me and picked me up.  Tamsen was with him, and was more mellow.  He drove me home and talked to me, and now here I am.

Married with Children is on tonight and that’s going to be good to watch again.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow I am going to the city to get “The Show” soundtrack from Soul Sense.  After that I don’t really have any plans except for listening to the CD, but I’ll end up doing something.

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