Mad Chaos: Saturday, November 30, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Yesterday I woke up at 11:00 am.  I thought Keith was going to call me for gym, but he didn’t.  So we didn’t go.

Spend Time With Shayma

I walked to Campbelltown to get my CDs and speaker.  I saw Shayma there going to get her hair done.

We went and got my CDs because she had time.  We talked about the formal.  She is going with Rory.

I then walked her to the hairdresser.  I went to get the speaker for my system.

I saw Ned while walking home.  He picked me up and sent me home quicker.

Keith And Tamson Come Over

Then Tatton rang me.  He wanted to come over, so I told him yeah because he wanted to come out tonight.

Keith then rang up.  He came over with Tamsen.  They both helped me put the speaker in.  They left to watch cricket at Keith’s house.

Tatton Comes Over

Tatton came over after that.  We stayed at my house and listened to music until 7:00 pm.

Then we started walking to Campbelltown to get a lift with a promised Simon.

Meeting Up Everyone At Pizza Hut

We got down there.  Kobi was there with Simon.  He didn’t have anyone in his car.

A bit later Harley was there with Janice.  They were riding with Kobi also with the chick that Jaromir got onto.

Simon had a full car, and so did Ned.

Miroslav went down but I don’t know how much people went with him, or even if he went.

We saw Keith following Ned going towards my house, but I think they were picking up Brodie.

Ralf was the only one that had space in his car that went down there.  We saw him getting into his car and leaving.  If we were 30 seconds faster we would have got to the city 3 hours quicker.

Waiting On A Lift To Wollongong

So, Simon left around 12:30 am.  We found Angel and Kira (that Rory got onto last week) but we didn’t have a lift at all to Wollongong.  I got dogged by Simon for some chicks.

My last hope was to go with Silvester.  We waited for him to finish work and see what he said.  The girls stayed with us until then.  They were going to go home but they stayed.

Tatton was with me.  Tatton made a complete fool of himself in front of Kira and Angel while we were waiting for Silvester to go to Wollongong.

Silvester Drives Us To Wollongong

Silvester finally got out at 1:30 am.  We dropped some guy home from Pizza Hut, and then he called Rory.  One of the girls talked to him.  Then Silvester had decided to go to Wollongong.

Paying petrol money, we got there in 30 minutes.  When we got there we saw Ralf.  Miroslav got there 20 minutes before that.

Causing Havoc In The After Party

The after-party was shit, so we had to make something of it.  When I got there I hung with Hudson, Miroslav, and Silvester.  We caused some havoc.  At first, me and Silvester walked around.

We saw Pamella getting onto this guy, practically fucking him.

We called the others over and they were gone by then.

We walked around this shop and we saw this woman in the shop.  She looked over at us, rolled down the window and stuck out a piece of stick trying to hit us.  I cracked up at the face she pulled at us when I growled at her.  She was terrified, so I went around and did it again.

Police Clear Our Beach Party

The cops came down after that because someone threw a bottle at the shop and broke the window.  We got blamed for it.  The guy from the shop walked up to Silvester and grabbed him.  Silvester reacted but didn’t do much except for shrug him back.  We were all laughing at him and fucking him up.

The cops got everyone off the beach.  We walked up to Ralf who was talking – no… boring – these chicks.  One in particular called Carla that Ralf wanted to get onto.

When the cops left we walked back to the beach.  The guy had a bat in his hand.  He was threatening to hit us with it.  I pretended to bowl at him, and he thought I was throwing something at him.

We sat on the bench on the beach and someone threw a bottle at him.  We knew it was Hudson.  Hudson threw a bottle at a female cop when she was there, but she didn’t react.

Novotel Hotel After Party

Silvester left a bit later.  Me and Tatton stayed with Ralf.

While Silvester was still there, we walked into the Novotel with some people and went to floor 7.  We got into these fat people’s room with about 10 people there and looked out the balcony.

We got kicked out of there.

We were with some Leumeah people when we walked to another hotel where people were staying.  This one was shittier and we spent about 4 hours until dawn listening to Ralf blabbing on about how he knew everyone in the room.

Rory got onto them chicks.  He went to Kane’s cabin and probably fucked them, Palmer was with Saha that night.  I didn’t see Imad and Dina anywhere that night.

Planning Ahead

Yesterday wasn’t as big a day as I expected, but I did get back at 7:30 am in the morning, and I just woke up 2 hours ago.

I don’t know what I am doing today.  The day has been fucked so far but the night will be better.

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