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Mad Chaos: Monday, November 4, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Travel To Sydney To Buy Music CDs

Today I got up at 9:30 am, ate some food, and got ready to go to the city to get “The Show” soundtrack.  I ended up fronting by myself.

I caught a train around 10:30 am and got there an hour later.  I went to Soul Sense.  They didn’t have it in, so I deposited $10 on the CD.  They are going to get it in before Thursday.  I’m going to go back and get it then.

I went to check if anyone else had it but no other music store had it.  So after a walkabout I went back home.

Visit Bình

When I got home I went to Bình’s shop, bought some food and talked to him for a while about the normal shit.

I then walked home past Pizza Hut and listened to some music.

Keith Comes Over

The rest of the day was all the same.

I played the piano a bit.  Then around 8:30 pm Keith came over.  It was raining.  We called Rory to come over so I could borrow his shaver.  He came over and lent it to us.

I then got into Keith ‘s car and we went to Tamsen’s house.  I took MC Ren with me but forgot it in Keith’s car, so he should remember to give it to me tomorrow with the tape that I left in his car.

Keith Plays With Tamsen

I told him to go bonk Tamsen, and he went in with that on his mind.  I could see them through the window.  He ended up fingering her.  Then he came over.

Cutting My Hair At Valerie’s House

We went looking for Imad so he could cut my hair.  But he took Dina to the movies somewhere.

We then went to look for Rory and found him at Berenice ‘s house.  Cole (the guy who drives the blue Sigma) was there with his friend, and so was Carey’s man.  Berenice was on the phone.  Valerie was talking to Cole and the other guy.

We went into the bathroom and locked the door and got into shaving my hair.  Then Valerie came knocking on the door.  I thought it was Berenice, so I didn’t let her in.  I let her in after a while.  She came and helped out.  My hair was shaved alright.

Then I thought it was finished, so we went back and sat down.

Then I remembered that I wanted some hair cut off the back.  I got Keith back in there and he cut off a bit too much off the back.  Now it is pretty short but shoulder-length and it looks pretty good.

They wanted me to keep going, and cut more so that it was level with the front, but I didn’t.  The hair that was chopped from the back was rolled up in a hankie.  I kept it and put it in my pocket.

Valerie Plans Move To Bradbury

Valerie gave me a hug goodbye.  I found out that she was moving with the rest of them to a new house in Bradbury on Wednesday.  So when they leave, they were going to leave their keys and let us break into the house and take the stuff from them, like their TV and washing machine.

We then left for my house, where we watched a porno.  Keith borrowed one so that he can show it to Tamsen and see what she says.

Planning Ahead

Now it is time to go to sleep.  Tomorrow I am going to the gym, and get my shit from Keith.  I’ll think of more shit because it is November, the month to be active.

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