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Mad Chaos: Friday, November 22, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today, after a good meal and a long night, I woke up at 1:00 pm.  I had a long sleep.  I only woke up to go to the toilet.  Then I went back to sleep.

I have a feeling that tonight is going to be a long sleep too.

Job Search In CES With Keith

After I woke up I had something to eat.  Keith called me to see if I wanted to go to the CES to look for a job.  This is where I wanted to go.  So, we left.

employment studyIn the CES I found one job, but turned it down because it was too far.

Tamsen came a bit later.  Then Keith dropped me off home.

Phone Talk With Sherry

When home, I got dressed, and then came down to Bradbury shops.  I withdrew some money and called Sherry from the payphone.  She was going to call me back around 6:00 pm.

I rode home on my bike that I rode for the first time since it was stolen.  I listened to music once home.

Sherry called me.  We talked for a little while.  Then she had to go, but she is calling me back tomorrow.

Hanging Out At Macarthur Square

Keith picked me up later that night.  We went to Macarthur Square.  Everyone was down there including people I know from the team, and T.B.C groupies.

Walking around for a while, I said hello to Imad.

I saw Paora down at Macarthur.  He is the one that is going to join our team for gridiron.  His girlfriend is pretty nice.  I wouldn’t mind getting onto her, and he would let me too.

Then I went out the front of the movies because everyone had left me.

Making Peanut Smokes

I called Rory and he was coming to pick me up.  I sat out the front with Bane, Saverio and some other guy.

I made some peanut smokes and gave them some smokes.  They got headaches.

Keith drove past but didn’t see me.  Then as I was walking towards Campbelltown Rory came.

We all drove to McDonalds.  There were at least 8 cars there for all of us.  That was narrowed to 5 cars when we went out to do mischief.

That was again narrowed to 3 cars when we got into deep (normal to me) gangsta shit.  We were doing the basic, throwing eggs at people, using the loud speaker on people, and looking at chicks at Chevys.

I don’t want to say too much more because it is now 1:52 pm (that’s for the WPM count).  I want to go to sleep, so goodnight.

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