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Mad Chaos: Friday, November 22, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Jett Buys New Snoop Dogg Album

Today I got up at 11:00 am, a bit better than usual.  I was expecting Sherry to call me around that time.

To the kitchen I went to get some food made up.

Jett rang me to see what was up.  He wanted me to go out tonight to the movies, but it started ,raining and I didn’t want to go.  He has the new Snoop Doggy Dogg album.  He played me some over the phone.  It isn’t as good as Doggystyle.

Keith rang me a bit after that.  He told me that we were going to the gym at 4:00 pm.  That was a good time for me.

Chat To Sherry

Sherry rang me up around 2:00 pm.  We talked for about half an hour, because I had to go, and she had to get tonight arranged.  She had to go to her school formal.

Ralf Needs Backup

Before my workout, Ralf rang me up and told me that someone was bothering Wilfrid.  He wanted me to help him get the guy that was picking on him.  I said yeah, I’d help him.  I thought the guy lived around here until Ralf came over and talked to me.

It rained today.

We checked out to see if Imad was home.

He wasn’t at Dina’s house.

No one was at Berenice’s house.

So, we went back to my house and stayed out the front listening to Snoop’s new music, and just talked.

Gym Routine

employment studyTen minutes after that Keith came and we got ready and went to the gym.

Warm-up: The warm-up consisted of 5 minutes and I lost 30 calories in that time taking it at an easy pace.  I stretched all my major body-parts that I worked today and had a thorough workout.
Chest: Starting on Peck Deck and with 50 pounds, I done 15 reps on a slow, warm-up pace.  Pacing over to Pullovers I got a 45 pound dumbbell and done 15 reps before putting the weight down.  This is where I realized I was going to have a good workout without burning too much energy.

Straddling up on Bench Press I loaded it up with 130 pounds and got Keith to spot me but, didn’t need him because I burned through 10 reps.

I then dressed up to Incline Press and at first had it on 100 pounds but put it up to 120 pounds and got out 8 reps by myself before getting 2 spots off Keith.

Last exercise was Decline Press and starting with 120 pounds done 6 reps and it felt really awkward.

Keith dropped the weight to 80 pounds and I done 7 more reps before my Triceps gave out and I conked out.

Back: To begin with I warmed up on Seated Cable Rows and with 50 pounds done 12 reps.

Moving to Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns, I put the weight up to 80 pounds and repped out 10 reps.

Moving to One Arm Dumbbell Rows with 70 pounders I pumped out 10 reps for each arm on my first set.  I done that set so that my back was parallel to the ground and that my arm went as far up as possible making the Lats ache.

Same with the second set on 70 pounds I done 10 reps again and was sweating pretty bad but not as bad as I used to workout, and feel the pain.

Quadriceps: My Legs were aching from running in gridiron and other shit and they were a bit sore.  I wasn’t going to do any heavy Leg Press but…  I started on Leg Extension with 50 pounds and done 15 reps before going to Smith Squats.

The weight was put up to 80 pounds and by now I was really fatigued but I pressed on to do 12 reps.  Once again the weight was put up to 160 pounds and at first I had to stop to compensate for the weight but I done 8 reps with this weight.

One more set to do and I decided to go to Leg Press and instead of going light I put it up to 320 pounds, my previous highest and pounded out 8 pretty slow but good reps.

Hamstrings: I started on Bent Lying Leg Curls on 80 pounds and warmed up with 12 reps.  Then, I tried a very heavy weight which I don’t think I have done before on 150 pounds and managed 10 fairly easy reps that made my hamstrings ache.

I jumped onto Seated Leg Curl and stayed high on 200 pounds and with great strength pulled through 10 reps.

Biceps: Warming up was one set and on Alternate Dumbbell Curls started on 20 pounders and done 12 reps.  I paused and picked up 40 pounders and started my heaving slow set up to 8 reps.  I put the weights down picked them up for a rep, dropped them and done one more hard rep making 10 reps.
Abdominals: Machine Ab Crunches is a good exercise to start on because it warms up the muscle for heavy work without much effort or strain.  I put the weight to 200 pounds and done 20 reps.

Then, moving to Crunches with 20 pounds I done 2 more sets of Ab Crunches before finishing for the day.

Due to good eating habits, today I weighed 73.2 kilos.  That is a bit better than on Tuesday.

If it’s a nice day tomorrow then I am going to have a sun bake.

Right now I am listening to the Dove Shack.  Soon I will have an early night, because there is nothing to do.

Anticipating Kathryn

This month is almost over.  I am thinking that when December starts, it is only a fortnight until Kathryn comes down.  From now it is only 3 weeks to go before she comes down to greet us.

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