Mad Chaos: Friday, November 15, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

CES With Keith And Tamsen

I woke up around 10:30 am today.

employment studyKeith and Tamsen rang me up while I was sleeping asking if I wanted to go with them to the CES.  As usual, I said yes, because it is better than sleeping, and with them I could get my things done.

We went to the CES and he did his shit.  Tamsen and Keith got angry at each other for some reason I missed.  I took in my bike rim to get fixed.  I then got my money out the bank.

Shopping In Macarthur Square

We then went to Tamsen’s house and stayed there for a while until I told Keith to go to Macarthur Square.

In Macarthur Square I got my two hats, one with the Nike sign on it (black cap), and the other says NIKE on it (also a black cap).

I got the Dove Shack and Warren G albums.  Then Keith dropped me off at my house to listen to my shit.

Ralf also rang me up while I was listening to music.  I gave him Imad’s number and Rory’s number.

Mystery Person Steals Dad’s Money

While I was home I heard that someone stole $60 from dad’s car.  Eric accused me of taking the money, thinking that I spent it to fix the bike.

The truth of the fact is I wouldn’t steal from family and I didn’t steal from family, so Eric can fuck himself a couple of times.  It had to be one of us.  If it would have been anyone it would have been him.

Dad could have been drunk though and misplaced it or put it somewhere while in a drunk mode.

Gym Routine

I tanned outside before going to the gym and it was a pretty hot day today.  That might have relaxed me too much and that could be a benefactor to why I didn’t do much working out today.

exerciseMe, Keith and Rory went to the gym today around 4:00 pm. This is what I got to do.

Warm-up: I warmed up with 4 minutes on the bike burning 25 calories.  I was feeling pretty strong today and if I ate a bit more before coming down then I would have gone for longer.  I stretched the Chest, Back and Quads and it was a very hot day for a workout.
Chest: Rory was with me at this time so we started on Dumbbell Flys with 25 pounders and doing 12 reps.

We then got onto Peck Deck and I put it up to 40 pounds and did 15 reps.

I was already sweating and my muscles were full of blood so I went to Bench Press and put on 80 pounds doing 12 warm-up reps.  I then put the weight up to 130 pounds and got a spot.  I managed 8 reps all by myself and once again spotted for 2 reps.

Like my last workout, I dropped the weight to 120 pounds and done another 10 reps with a spot or two on the side.  I wasn’t going to do any more but seated Machine Bench Press was waiting for me.

I put it up to 140 pounds and did 8 reps with 2 spotted reps.

Back: This is where Rory left because he got called on the mobile.

I started on Seated Cable Rows starting on 40 pounds and doing 12 reps.  The weight was raised to 90 pounds and I done 10 reps and my back and arms were aching.  I then got onto Close Grip Lat Pulldowns and with 120 pounds done 10 reps.  I put the weight down to 100 pounds and done 10 more fairly easy reps.

Quadriceps: I wasn’t going to go heavy on this because I was very fatigued but Leg Press was awaiting me and with 160 pounds started with 10 reps.

Before that set I did a warm-up on Leg Extensions with 50 pounds and 15 reps.

I then put Leg Press up to 180 pounds and done 10 fairly hard but easy reps.  I then paused and done 10 more reps with the same weight.

Biceps: I done 2 sets with this doing Cable Preacher Curls and with 20 pounds doing 12 reps.  I then lifted game to 50 pounds and managed to do 12 reps getting very fatigued.
Abdominals: This was the last three exercises for the day because I was out of food so I jumped on Crunches and done 20 reps with no weight on my stomach.  I did another set of 20 reps with 20 pounds, relaxed and done another set of 20 reps with 20 pounds.

After that I came home and ate, listened to some more music, and now I’m ready to go out.

Year Twelve Graduation Preparations

Rory went to a party thing with the Pizza Hut staff.  He is going to come out later on today when someone calls him up around 12:30 am.

Tonight is Elderslie High school’s year 12 Graduation night.  Hudson knows of an after-party that we can crash.

I might be riding with Imad tonight with Ralf and the rest of the hoods.  I’m not going to get home until real late tonight if everything goes right.

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