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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, October 23, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Work Experience In Elderslie High School

employment studyI had a very long-lasting sleep last night.  I kept waking up every hour and a half but it felt like ages.  I didn’t feel sleepy around 5:00 a.m. when I woke up and went to the toilet and back to sleep.

I then woke up and got ready, as usual.  As usual the bus drive wasn’t fun because I don’t like talking half asleep.  I got to Elderslie high school at 8:10 am.  The same group was down there.

I done my work, some more data entry, some filing, and clerical duties.  Most of the day was spent just doing computer work.

I didn’t go anywhere for lunch or recess except to check if the piano was available, which it wasn’t.  Today was their sport day.

I left 20 minutes beforehand to go home.  I waited at the bus stop for a bit.

Check On Amplifier In Repair

When I went home I got on my bike and went to check out my system.  It is going to cost me $80, but the guy sounded alright, so I’m getting it fixed there.  I am going to get it tomorrow.  I’m ringing Keith so he can come down and help me out with it.

After I done that I went to Pizza Hut.  No one was there.

So I went to Bình’s shop, bought something, talked for a bit, and then went home.  I was going to go to CES to get my passes for the bus but I didn’t end up going.

Nina Shows Me Kathryn’s Recent Photos

I came home, had something to eat and then went to Nina’s house, where Tatton was at.  I got to see the photos of Kathryn.  There was one of her in her room with a huge system in the background.  She had that beautiful face, and green hair.  She has now got blonde hair.  I don’t know what she looks like but I saw the hair.

I also saw a picture of her thigh and a cat on it.  It looked alright but it was blurred.  I thought it was going to be a colorful cat but it is all black.  It’s put in a nice place too, on the side of her right thigh.

Nina Tells Everyone That We Had A Fling

Nina got a call from her hubby.  She got angry at him because he was jealous of me.  She told Tatton that I had gotten onto her.  I didn’t want him to know that because it would make me look bad to everyone, and I don’t want them to find out that way.  I was good at lying to Tatton when he asked me though, because I kept along with it.

Nina must have told Mason that she got onto me while I knew her.  I just know that she is going to tell Kathryn or, she has already told Kathryn.  If she has, then I’m going to go off at her very much because no bitch does that to me.

Visited Pizza Hut

I went to Tatton’s house.  Then after that we went to Pizza Hut to see who was there.  We saw Simon.  Then after that Rory came in and Celeste and Janice were with him.

We sat there.  We talked for a bit.  I had my bandanna on the other way and my hommie shit on.

Keith Drives Us To McDonalds

Then I rode home, where Keith picked me up with Janice, Rory and Celeste in the car.  We drove to McDonalds.  He shouted me some food, and we talked about Carey having hairy nipples.  Then we laughed a bit more and dropped the girls off, including Rory.

We then went to Woodbine McDonalds.  He got some more McDonalds, we talked for a while, and he dropped me home.

Thinking Of Getting Dreaded Hair

I am half asleep now and am going to zone after I eat but for now I got this to write.

I’m going to get my hair in dreads or permed back like Snoopy G, and I’m going to get blue, red or green lenses.  If I get red then I’ll look angry all the time.  I might get all three colors depending on how much they cost each.  The red contacts go with the braided attitude.  The slicked-back hair goes with blue or green.

It’s 11:26 pm and I am going to sleep now…

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