Mad Chaos: Wednesday, October 2, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Looking For Tatton

Today I woke up early at 8:00 am.  Ironic that I didn’t have to go to my course.  I went back to sleep and got up a lot later.

I did the normal shit and then I went to go see Tatton.  He wasn’t down at the gym so I checked out his house.  He wasn’t there.

Visit Keith’s Street

So, I went passed Keith’s house.  I went in, and he is as sick as a chicken on Glandular Fever.  I stayed a bit.

Tino was there and then he went home for a bit and then Tamsen came over.  She is actually a nice person, sarcastic, and easy to get along with.  She isn’t a bitch or bad to me at all.  I stayed out the front and had some bananas and talked to Tamsen for a while.

Then Ingrid and Tino came over.  I talked to Ingrid for a while.

Imad then came over for something and he left as soon as he came.  Then Keith was going to go and play pool, so I decided to leave for home.

Watch Movies With Tatton

I actually went to Tatton’s house and he was there.  I stayed there for a bit listening to music.

We ended up going to my house and we went to get some movies from Airds Movie Warehouse.  We got Major Pain, which was a crackup.  We also got In the Army Now, which I’ve seen before and is okay.

Chatted To Rory

I saw Rory on the way to Keith’s house today and he stopped off on one of his deliveries to talk to me.  It seems that someone had egged his house yesterday around 12:00 pm and egged his car too.  I’m thinking it would have been someone that knew him and someone who knows that he would not recognize the car if he saw it.  I am thinking one of two people could have done it but it’s only suspicions.

Anyway, I told him to tell Harley that I’m interested in her coming to the Recording Studio and that he should give her my number so that she can call me up.

Rory wants to go out tonight around midnight but if he calls, then I’m not going to go out because I am getting tired.  It is only going to be me, him and William if he wants to go, so I am hoping he doesn’t ring.

Tomorrow if something is going on then I’m going to be in on that.

Kept In Dark About Kathryn

I hate being kept in the dark.  I don’t know but I think I am not being told something about Kathryn.  Nina is trying to hide something, because I told her to wait for her call on Sunday and she told me she doesn’t want to talk to her, for some reason.  I think her last excuse of being in the shower was lame.  I really do think something is going on with Kathryn that I don’t know about.

I do want to bust a nut in her when she comes back but I have the feeling I’m only going to be looking, not touching.  I don’t think I’ve pushed it really because I did hold back for about 5 months.  Now I’ve only sent her two letters and only because Nina said that Kathryn would like me to.  I don’t even know if Kathryn has received them or not, This is pissing me off.

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