Mad Chaos: Tuesday, October 29, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Elderslie High School Work Experience

work iconI didn’t have much sleep last night because it was Sunday.  I got up early and on time.  It took me about 40 minutes to walk down.  I then caught the bus.

Today was a pupil free day, so it was good for me.  Nothing really interesting happened at work today.  I brought down my music.  Same old shit was done.  I had a relatively fast day.

I got off at 3:30 pm as usual, and had to wait for the bus for 20 minutes.

I then got on.  The driver was being a prick, telling me if I didn’t have a concession then I couldn’t get half-price next time.  I was very sleepy on the way home.

Visited Pizza Hut

I got off and went to Pizza Hut where I saw Rory starting work.  I got in with him.  We went on a run and he dropped me home.

Then I went out with him again so we could hang out and listen to music.

Visit Carey

We went to Berenice’s house.  Only Carey was there.  We stayed for a while and then we left.

We saw Keith back at Pizza Hut when we drove there.

Rory finished up and we went for a drive.

Visit Nina

We first went to Nina’s house.  She told me that Shannon did send me a letter about a month ago.  It got lost in the mail I guess.

Then we went to the servo.  Keith got some petrol and Rory got some milk for Carey.

Visited Carey And Valerie

We then went to Carey ‘s house.  I got in Keith’s car and he drove me home because Rory was going to stay there forever.  I got my shit out of Rory’s car.

Valerie gave me a hug goodbye.  Carey shook my hand.  Then I gave Berenice a hug and left.  It was a bit embarrassing because I dropped some things.

Keith Drives Over

Rory dropped me home.  Then I chilled for a while, and relaxed by playing the piano.

Keith called me.  He was bored, so I told him to come over.

Keith came over and we rang up Imad.  Imad said he was going to his dad’s house shortly so he’d meet up with us.  Then we called Rory and told him to come over.  He came over a short while after me.

Keith was doing karaoke to Dr Dre.

Visited Pizza Hut For Pizzas

We then got in cars and went to Campbelltown for a bit.  We went to see if Imad was at his dad’s house, but he wasn’t.  So we called his house.  Dina said he just left.

We went to Campbelltown to Pizza Hut and got a Pizza.  Imad called us up after that.  I talked to Silvester for a bit, and then to Shayma.  We gave Shayma a lift home.

Gone Gnome-Napping

On the way there, Imad rang us.  We told him to wait for us at my house.  We sped there, and he was there.

We all got in Imad’s car for some gnome runs.  We went to Tatton’s house to see if he was awake.  He wasn’t, so we left and went gnome-napping.

We went to this house and Imad parked up the street.  Me, Keith and Rory crept up to this house.  I jumped the fence and handed the gnomes to them.  Imad rolled down the hill and we threw them in and bolted.  I hit his door with a really heavy one and then the inside of the car.

We also threw some bins into some cars.  We got two really good ones.  We threw one bit at a gutter, splattering all the rubbish on the road.

Lost Our Nerve Stealing Oil

After we done all that shit we tried to steal some oil, but me and Keith couldn’t get the nerve to do it, so we came up with this bull shit story that we got empty containers, threw them, and ran.

I just had some pizza.  I am hungry.  I have to get up tomorrow at 6:30 am.  That gives me 5 and a half hours of sleep, so it’s time to go to sleep.

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