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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, October 1, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Class In Campbelltown

Today I got up for the H.E.L.P course again.  I was late by 10 minutes again but, that didn’t worry anyone.  I went with my hair in a ponytail again and they seemed to like it again.  I dressed differently for the H.E.L.P course today and people took notice.

When I got in the class I saw that Indigo was in there talking about clothes sense and what to wear that doesn’t clash with your clothes.  I found out that I was a blue-based and winter person.

We then sat and done some work.  I can’t get over how much eye contact goes around in this room.  Every time I look at someone they are either looking at me or they are looking at someone else.

Lunch Break With Classmates

I stayed in for our 10 minute break and so did Carmen.  She came over to my side and it was a bit obvious that she was trying to make some conversation, so I did.  She was snooping on someone that had a kid in our class.

I found out she was a Virgo and that her birthday is on the 23rd of September.  Melinda – which I think is her name – is still interested in me.  I found out that she is only 15.

Everyone thought I was 19 but I ain’t.  Cindy – the one that looks Lebanese – took a look at me when I took out my ponytail and just went in my normal hair.

Carmen Crawls Across Tables

Carmen tried to get my attention by getting something off the tables, crawling to the middle of the table and giving me this nice, nasty look, like she was going to eat me alive while we were having sex.  One of them ‘drive you wild’ looks.

Dorris Wants Our Zodiacs Read

Dorris is still funny.  She was talking about bringing in a person that does the Zodiac.  I thought that would be pretty cool so I backed her up.  When I was leaving, Cindy said bye to me when I said bye to Dorris.  She was doing people’s make-up because she found out that there was make up in the draws.

Carmen Makes My Mouth Water

I got in for a closer look and Carmen didn’t want to get any make-up done, but where I was sitting she sat right in front of me in a chair and she bent over.  It made my mouth water to see that.  I don’t know what anyone’s going to think of me if they read this but it was one helluva beautiful sight and I hope she done it to impress me because I was sure as hell impressed.

I want to get to talk to her but I haven’t really got the chance to see if I can talk to her, maybe on a lunch break.  I want to wait for someone to say, “Hey Tony what do you do on your lunch breaks?”  I can tell them “Nothing” and I’ll go with them.  I hope it is going to be Carmen.

At the end of the day I was talking to Chris about his Boxing and we’ve acquainted pretty good.

Smooth Approach With Carmen

Carmen is a very nice red head and as you know I   L – O – V – E   Red heads.  She isn’t really natural red and it stands out to be orangish but it is a nice red.  If I get to talk to her I’m going to say that I know of a better hair color for her hair, and take her to the place where the dye is, and show it to her.  I am then going to offer to buy it for her depending on how much it is into my cost.  Then I’m going to help her put it in and that’s how I’m going to meet her, very SMOOTHLY.

See Harley At Pizza Hut

Now when I finished my course I fled off to go see if anyone was at Pizza Hut.

I saw Rory’s old car and Harley was in it.  I stopped to talk to her.  She looked pretty nice and she told me some shit.  Then I told her that I do rapping.  She opened up her eyes with curiosity.  Then I told her about going to the Recording Studio’s at Ultimo and she was amazed.

I told her to come down and she told me she couldn’t come because of money.  I told her to come and then I got the conversation into her boyfriend who she is not going out with anymore.  We talked about him.  In my mind I was thinking “Why don’t I just lean over and kiss her,” but that might lead into a bad situation.

Still, I kept leaning over towards her being fascinated by her story.

The one thing I am always good at is being a good listener because when people are talking to me I make them believe that I am understanding what they are saying.

I was getting closer to Harley.  Then Rory came and he had a pizza delivery.  He told me that on Thursday his parents are going out so we might be having a party.  I know that I’m going to be there because Harley is going to be there.  I’m going to try to get her to go with me somewhere for a walk and do the Capony on her.

Invite Harley To Recording Studio

I’m going to ask Harley if she would like to come down to Sydney with us.   So when we finish our recording (which I am thinking of using her for the R & B shit we are writing) I am going to split up with the rest of the group and hang out with Harley.

With some excuse that we are going to look at clothes or something, we would meet somewhere.  Maybe we won’t meet at all and we come back on a later train.  That’s if she comes that is.

I’m going to do something with Harley when I get her number off Rory.

Visit Course Counselor

Also I went to see Bethany.  She told me I could stay on the H.E.L.P course or she could find me a job to go on 2 weeks work experience.  Since I’ve bonded with the people in the class, and I like one of them, I’m going to stay until I get me some Carmen.

Rap Session With Tatton

I’ve written a lot so far and I’ve got about 2 more pages to write, and I would have about 3 to do if I went to the gym.

After that, I went to Tatton’s house.  I got him to bring his microphone.  We were coming to my house and I told Tatton to keep walking because he actually forgot his microphone, so I went back to get it for him.  I didn’t see him anywhere so I went to Ralf’s house.

Ralf wasn’t home so I gave his dad my number.

Then I back-trailed to find Tatton but couldn’t find him so I just went home knowing he’d be there soon.

He came not that much later.  Then we started doing the raps and shit.  We rapped for a bit.

Tatton’s Constructive Criticism

When I was rapping the Cats/Dogs rap, Ralf said I was rapping too much like Murder Was The Case.  At first I took offence to it but then I used it as an aid to help me develop new better shit that would sound good.  He could have listened a bit though because he is a bit of an Imad.

Kofi shouldn’t be so picky but he will be helpful in getting us to rap better and find raps quicker.  I can see where Ralf said it sounded too much like Murder Was The Case because it actually does have the same similarities, but that will be changed dramatically when we put it through the Recording Studios.

Right now I’m listening to the shit that was made just now with Ralf.

Jett Plans To Bring Kofi

Then Jett called me at 5:30 pm because I paged him earlier before.  I told him to come down.  He told me he’d ring back after he got back to Campbelltown.

Jett is going to bring Kofi with him on Thursday and that should be interesting, compared to what Ralf had to say.

Dog Tatton To Hook Up With Ralf

Tatton left around 6:30 pm to go and eat at home.  Then I told him to come back to get some shit done.

Ralf rang me around 7:30 pm and I told him to come up with his guitar so we can get some beats hooked up.

I then went to ring up Jett on his pager because I went out before he rang me.  He then rang me back and I told him that he might be able to get a lift from Ralf if he would give them a lift but if he didn’t come within 20 minutes forget it.

Ralf came about 20 minutes late and it wasn’t good when Tatton rang me up wondering why I wasn’t there yet.  I tried to stay quiet so that I wouldn’t let Ralf hear it, but I sounded bad to Tatton on the phone and I told him I’d ring him tomorrow, but badly.

Blues Guitar, Amp, Piano And Beats Session With Ralf

Yep that’s about 3 pages now but back to the Ralf story.

Ralf was over and we got into doing shit.  He didn’t really listen to my shit, and he got into his own shit.  It was a bit boring at first, but being me, I tried to enjoy it.  Some of it was pretty fun.

Keith came in on us.  I had the microphones and the piano and his guitar and amp hooked up and wires were all over the place.

I gave Keith a microphone to speak into and he told us that he was going to pick up Tino from work, then he’s going to get a bonk off Tamsen.  Ralf was singing the blues in some of his shit.  He sounded all right but not anything I can put rap into.

Ralf’s History Lesson In Rap

Ralf was leaving and I got into his car and we listened to some beats.  Then the real interest came when he told me about rappers and how the shit started out, and about the D.O.C and who he is.  He clued me in that we are not the West Side we are the South West Metropolitan side.  So, now I’ve changed some of my raps to that.

The Receiver / Amp Shorts A Fuse

Oh yeah the most important thing I almost forgot to say is that when I got into my room to turn on the system it just fucked up.  I tried to turn it on again but it didn’t work so I just turned it off.  I let my brother use the amplifier while I was at the course, and it turns out that he might have broken it by the way he turned it off or something like that, because the fuses have never blown up in my life of having the receiver/amp and never that fuse.

I got my dad to give me a lift to Campbelltown so I could get some parts for it.  I got it tested out at Tandy.  I found out when we put in 800mA fuses in it they would burst straight away and when we put in 2A slow Fuses in it would burn it and make a humming noise.  It is fucked and some of the wiring has shorted according to one of the repairmen I saw.

It is going to cost a bit to fix it knowing the idiots that look at the shit but my dad is going to try to get a guy to fix it for me that he knows.  It wasn’t my fault and I know that my brother would know something about it, and he’s going to have to help me to pay for it.

Hurt That Kathryn Will Not Write

I was thinking about Kathryn today and if Nina is having me on or not about her not talking to Kathryn on the phone.  I’m thinking that Kathryn is not going to write to me and that is pretty hurtful to think.

Planning Ahead

When my money comes this Friday I’m going to check out other recording studios.

I’m going to play some computer and then I’m going to go to sleep because I’m getting tired right now.

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