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Mad Chaos: Thursday, October 24, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Nina Told Kathryn About Our Tryst

The month is almost over and I have landed into some trouble these past few days with the Nina thing, and my bike.  Nina told Tatton that we did something.  I’m just wondering if by chance she talked to Kathryn on the phone and talked to her about us.  That would explain why she hasn’t talked to her for about 5 weeks and she keeps avoiding talking about her.

Little Mason knows about it too.  He’s known for a very long time.  I don’t like being kept in the dark.  That would be why Kathryn hasn’t talked to me for a very long time.  I’m thinking she told her about a week after I sent my letter to her.

I remember when she got mad at me because I went over her house to talk about Kathryn only, and she would get mad.  She could have been fighting with her.

I’m going to go down there tomorrow without Tatton so I can have a talk to her and find out if she dogged me or not.

Bike Stolen From Campbelltown

Today I woke up nicely and I felt good to go to work.  I got down there with some time to spare.  I had a shave and rode to the station.  I chained up my bike and then went to sit with the others.  Meanwhile, while I was sitting around someone stole my bike from the bike racks.

I heard that a kid called Kauri – who is in year 9 and is an Aboriginal and goes to Campbelltown high – and a friend stole it with bolt-cutters.  I’m thinking that kid was Kauri Hohepa.  If it was him – as I am getting it checked out from a person that saw him – then I’m going to bash the fucker to death.  I was pissed off when I heard it from Brock at school.

A kid saw a bike getting stolen, and he didn’t even realize until school.  There could be a conspiracy going on but I doubt it.

Hunting Kauri

I got Imad to go and check it out.  Then I got Keith to go and check it out.  Imad called me back and told me it wasn’t there, and he came to pick me up.  Then Keith rang me and told me it wasn’t there, and he was going to wait at the station for me.

I got an early day off my work experience.  Imad picked me up and then we went on search for it.  We waited for a kid who saw it to ring me and give me some information.  Then we went to Campbelltown high school to look.  Me, Imad, Keith and Rory, we were the ones that went in and we saw Shayma.

I asked Shayma where the office was.  She came with us.  The office didn’t help out, so we asked Shayma to check out the absentee list to see if Kauri Hohepa was on it or not.  He wasn’t.

The highlight of the day was seeing Shayma in her school uniform.  That was fun, considering Rory is taking her to his formal.

Made A Police Report

Me and Imad went to the cop shop and got a report done.  They’re supposed to ring me tomorrow to tell me what’s going on.

Received Got Fixed

I got my Receiver back today.  It pumps like usual.  The display is working on it full time now.

Keith went to Tamsen’s house and Imad went home.

I haven’t got my bike back but I will get it.  I will bash someone for it.

Tatton Comes Over

Then Tatton called me to see if he could come over.

Jett called me too.  He talked for a bit, but he never called back, and he still has my Mariah Carey CD.

Tatton came over and we listened to music and just fucked around.  Bình found out about my bike from Rory, and Tatton found out from Bình.  He told me when he rang.  Word travels quickly around here.

Mulling Over Going To Work Experience

I’m not sure whether to go on Monday or not to work experience, but I will to see if that kid can spot the culprit for me, so I can go over there and bash the fuck out of him.  I’m going to get Keith to give me a lift down and stay there for a bit so we can spot him.

Tomorrow I’m going to the CES to look for some work.  I will actually go for anything offered in the field of computers.  I will finish off my work experience if I don’t find any work tomorrow.  If I do get an interview then I will go tomorrow.

Planning Ahead

I’m going to see Nina also to see what the problem is, and see what else will happen.  I can’t go to gym until I get paid next because I spent it all on the receiver.  My next pay will go to get a speaker, a CD and some gym membership.

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