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Mad Chaos: Sunday, October 20, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Doing Research On Elderslie High School

Today I slept in until 10:30 am.  Then I got up and had a helluva meal and went out.

I went to Tatton’s house to see him.  He woke up around the time I came over at 1:00 pm, so I told him I’d come back later and we’d throw ball.

employmentI went to Campbelltown to check out the bus times.  I rang up the bus department.  They told me I had to ring tomorrow around 7:00 am to find out.  There should be a bus service running from Campbelltown Station to Narellan.  I have to catch a special school bus with the school kids.

Keith told me that Elderslie high school is supposed to be harder than Airds high school.  I don’t believe that because Airds was pretty shit.  But I’m open for tomorrow to see how it is.

After I checked bus times I saw Imad.  He was going to Caltex to get some petrol, so I tailed him, and we got there together.  Ali was with him.  He fixed his wheel problem, but now he needs brake fluid.  He told me that he is using water for it right now.  He was going to steal some brake fluid and I was going to help him, but we didn’t do it.  He had to go home.  I said my good-byes.

Practice Gridiron With Tatton

Then I went to Tatton’s house.

We played ball for a bit.

To Botanic Gardens With Keith

Then I went to Keith’s house.  He was home for a change.  We went out also for a change.  We went to the Botanic Gardens.  We were going to go through but it cost money.  We went up and asked how much it would cost and it was $5 for a car but free if you walked I think.  We tried to get in for free.  I told the woman up the front that I was bringing my girlfriend tomorrow and if I could go in and see the place for a bit before I bring her tomorrow.  She let us in.

We drove around twice and it was very relaxing.  Me and Keith talked about girls, Valerie, and his woman and other relaxing shit.  It is a very good place to go to because there are two lakes there that you could sit next to and watch, and there was also a place where in-between mountains you could see very, very far.

We spent half an hour there.

Road-Testing Celicas

Then we left for McDonalds.  On the way we first went to see a Celica I saw on the way there.  Their Celica’s are fast and cheap up there.  The Celica that I like, that was actually a 86 made up model is worth $10,500.  That’s pretty cheap for an auto that gets 220 Km/h and revs out at 9000 revs a minute.

There were 3 Celicas there.   We checked them all.  Then we drove to get Mcdonalds.  Keith shouted me a Sundae.

Visit Tamsen

We went to see Elderslie High School too and then headed back home.

He went to see Tamsen.  She works at Duffy Brothers in Campbelltown.  We stopped and then left.  She ended up pranking him and he called her up.  He dropped me off at his house and then he went to Tamsen’s house.  I lent Warren G off him and went home myself.

Visit Nina

Before we left, I saw Nina.  I had a talk to her about Kathryn.  I told her that I would go see her on Tuesday to talk about her and to see the photos of her.

I also told her to tell me if anything was going on that I should know about because there are girls down here that I want to get onto.

Planning Work Experience

When I came home I had another helluva meal and listened to a lot of music.  Tomorrow is the day.  I’m going to get up around 6:45 am.  That will give me enough time to have a shower and get my hair slicked back, eat, and get to Campbelltown walking – or by bike – to catch a bus from the station to my work experience.

I’m going to sleep around 11:00 pm to 12:00 pm latest so I can have at least 8 hours of sleep for myself.

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