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Mad Chaos: Sunday, October 13, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Visit Dina To See Imad

Today started off late again, only because there was not much to do again today.

I got up at 11:30 am again.  I ate some food.  Then it was going to be a boring day, so I put some clothes on and got on my bike.

I first of all went to see Dina to see if Imad was there.  At first no one answered the door, but as I was leaving Dina answered.  I went up and had a talk to her.

She told me that Imad went down to Sydney with his brother-in-law and with someone else, and that his car broke down where he went.  He went there to fish, and the wheels of the car just wouldn’t turn.

I came up with us going down there to see what was up and have a fun time.

Being A Relationship Therapist To Dina

I went home and got some money.

Then I went to see if Tatton was home to see if he would come, but he wasn’t.

I then went back to Dina’s house.  While I was there, Imad rang up and he said it would be useless if we went down to see him because he’d be coming home soon.  I guess that’s alright seeming he wanted to get away and spend some time with the boys for a while.

Instead, I wanted to spend the money that I just got off my parents, so we went down to the shops and we bought some Lollies and some Gatorade for my bike and me, and we sat down and talked for a while.  We talked about her and her relationship with Imad basically, because she brought it up and I like being a therapist.

Dina Treats Me Like A Bachelor

Then she got onto the notion of why I don’t have a girlfriend, and what I was looking for, as if she was going to find me one or something.  Oh oh, it’s already starting, I’ve become a bachelor, and all the others are trying to match me up.  It ain’t that kind of party, and I’ll find my own.  It was funny though.

Berenice And Valerie Join Us

Berenice walked by.  I called her out and she came and gave me a hug greeting, even though I offered a handshake.  I think that’s one of my problems with women, is that I’m not affectionate enough to let them know I’m there.

Berenice had her roommate with her and her name was Valerie and she was wearing nice, ripped short, jeans and a nice black top.  She was not so bad herself.  I remember seeing her in a picture at Berenice’s house.  When I was looking through her army cadet pictures I saw her.  I told Valerie that she looked pretty “Nice” in the picture un-observantly, and she took a nice compliment.  She then started acting a bit more pronounced, giggling and other shit.

She came and sat on one of those seats where it sits four people in Bradbury shops.  It was a nice and hot day today also.  I had my ponytail in, but I took it out.  The hair was dry, it stayed back and it felt cool.

Anyways, Berenice left and so did Valerie, as did their other little friend.  Then I walked Dina home and left for home.

Looking For Action In Campbelltown

I stayed home for a bit but realized the action is outside, so I got back on my bike and went to Campbelltown to see who was there.

I dropped by Tatton’s house.  No one was there today, so I went to Keith’s house.  Keith was at Tamsen’s house, so I went to Campbelltown.

Reflecting On Hitting Rory

I saw Rory dropping off Saha.  Then I went to the back of Pizza Hut.  I saw Simon riding at the traffic lights so I stopped and had a little chat before the lights turned green.  I then went to Pizza Hut.

I saw Rory there and we talked for a bit and then Simon came down with a very red body from the sun.  I found out that Rory is scared of me from the last time I had a confrontation with him.  Looking back, it would have been pretty scary having me hit him in the dark where no one cared what really happened to him.  I did get him shaking pretty bad and I didn’t like that much because he was defenseless and he knew that he wouldn’t beat me, so he just prayed that I wouldn’t hit him again.

I guess it had to be done and I give him credit for not trying to do anything like cheat me for a girl again.  So I think that Rory didn’t say anything and if he did, then I’ll forgive him and not hit him again.

After I had my talk with them, I went back home and just chilled for a bit until this very moment.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow I have my appointment with Bethany, and I have my course straight after.  I want to get Keith to help me out with my system, helping me to take it to the repair shop.

This Valerie chick wasn’t that bad, and she had the build that I want.  She was pretty tall like I want, and she has a pretty good personality.

If I don’t get a letter from someone out of Bundaberg on Monday then I’m going to FORGET about it for the meantime.

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