Mad Chaos: Saturday, October 26, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Rounding Up The Rollers

Today started off at 8:30 am, where my alarm woke me up to get my bike.  I went and first rang up Keith, then Rang up Imad, and finally rang up Rory.  I told Imad something was going on.  Then I went home.

Keith came to pick me up.  We went to Rory ‘s house.  Keith parked his car.  We called up Imad and told him to meet us somewhere.  We then got in Rory ‘s car with Palmer in there also.

We went to Kauri’s house.  Imad wasn’t there yet.  He was still on his way.  I talked Kauri into coming down to this guy’s house in Minto to get my bike.

Imad turned up.  Me and Imad got Kauri and his friend in the back seat.  Then Imad drove us four to Minto.

We parked there in a cul-de-sac.  He had a shitter of a house.  Rory parked at the bottom of the street like the dog he is.  So it was just me and Imad left there.

We didn’t want any trouble, and neither did Kauri.  I don’t know about the guy who had my bike.

Arriving To Kauri Hohepa’s Lair

Kauri went in his house.

I had my bandanna on front-ways and standing on the street.  Imad was still in the driver seat parked beside me.

Then the guy came out with a baseball bat.

Kauri was saying “They don’t want any trouble man, don’t.”  But the guy kept coming.  I just held my ground, thinking if he swung, then I’d dodge.  But he didn’t do anything, except talk.

The Confrontation Over The Bike

Imad then got out the car.  The bike was next to Imad ‘s car, and some of the paint was scratched off on it.  The guy wanted $50 for the bike because that’s what he paid for it.  I wouldn’t give it to him and kept saying, “I’m not going to give you money.  It’s my bike.”

He then went up to Imad to start something, because he said, “Is it you who put your hands around my cousin?”  Imad said, “No,” but in a hard Leb way.

He didn’t come up to me to ask me.  Kauri then said that neither of us did it.

I got the bike and the guy put his baseball through the back wheel and broke some spokes.  That ain’t gonna be much to fix anyway, and I ain’t going back to that place again.

Me and Imad handled it well.

There were three of them mother fuckers out the front if they wanted to jump us, but they didn’t, and I know we would have taken the fuckers out.  No one would have gotten out of Rory’s car except if one of them had enough guts to lead them out.  We would have gotten more help from Kauri than from Rory.

Taking The Damaged Bike Away

We rolled the bike to the outside and up the street a bit.  Then we took it apart, putting the wheels in Rory’s car and the frame in the laps of Kauri and his friend in Imad’s car.  We took off then and went to my house, where we talked about it for a while.

Chill At Berenice’s House

Then we headed over to Berenice’s house because there was supposed to be something going on with him and Lance and we all went there.

Valerie was there.  She came and talked to me for a bit, but I was fixing my first tire from a car.

Imad ‘s front tire was worn down to the wire so I took it off for him and put the other one on for him.  It didn’t really take that much to do it.  Then I washed my hands in Berenice’s house.

Palmer Tries A Move On Valerie

While I went to find out what was going on, Palmer put his hand on Valerie’s shoulder like he was going to get some from her.  Valerie saw that I saw and she got him off her.  She then came and sat next to me while I was at the wheel and talked for a little.

If Palmer tries to get onto her – knowing that I got onto her – then he is a dead man.  I don’t think he’s going to mess around with me after today.

Then Keith was getting dropped off by Imad, so I went with them.  I didn’t want to stay because I would have gone home with Rory and Kurt, and that ain’t any fun.

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