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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, September 4, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

The Evolution Of The Diary

Today is one of those days where I enjoy writing in my diary, and not one of those days where I just want to get off it.

I don’t know why I am writing a diary, except for the reason of the gym, but it has evolved from that.

Basketball With Jett

Today I woke up at 10:00 a.m. after 7 hours of sleep.  I’m alright, considering that I had some sleep before I went to the gym, and I went after 7 pm.

After I woke up, Jett rang me up.  He had a day off today.  I said to meet me down Campbelltown and we met at the Basketball courts.

I was going to see Tatton at the gym but Jett and I played basketball for a while.  Jett was going to shout me to all-you-can-eat but I declined because I hate eating out in those places.

Visit Tatton

Jett and Mike went to Bradbury shops to wait for me while I went to see Tatton.   I told Tatton that when he finished, to come to my house.

Rap Session With Jett And Tatton

I met up with Jett and we went to my house and listened to music and put our ideas together for the Rap Project.  Tatton was a bit late, and someone knocked on my door.

Imad Seeks Fight With Lành

It was Imad.  He told me there was going to be a fight and he was going to fight Lành Lê at school.  After discussing it with Jett we got Rory (who came with Imad in a courtesy car), to drop Saha and Dina and another girl home.  He came back and me, Imad, Jett and Mike went to Lành’s girlfriends house to look for him.

Lành  wasn’t there, so we walked back to the school.  I went through it to ask people some questions and I saw Johnnie there.  I talked to him for a bit.

Then I moved on and saw Saha at the front coming out.  She does have big knockers.  Anyway, I talked to her a bit.

Then I met up with Imad and Jett at the bus shelter, and we got heading back home.  Imad stayed.  Tatton didn’t end up coming because we missed him as he was coming to my house.  He walked home to a different way than I expected.

Walk Dina Home

I rode my bike and met up with Dina and Imad while Jett was waiting for a bus home.  I saw them and Imad went to his dad’s house to get something for Dina while I walked her home for him.

Dina and I mostly talked about Imad because she thinks he changes his mind too much.  I don’t know how long they are going to last but they are getting tired of each other a bit.

Jett Waits For A Bus

After I dropped her home I saw Jett still waiting at the Bus Depot, so I sat there with him until it was time to go.  Mike was getting on my nerves and the reason I don’t harass him is because he’s Jett’s bro.  Even though Jett won’t care if I belt the fuck out of him and teach him a lesson, it’s not right, unless he keeps being a smart ass.

That’s when I headed home and made plans for tomorrow.

Gym Routine

exerciseI tried picturing working out for Kathryn but as soon as I got into the gym I forgot about it because I was ready for war.

This is my routine today.

Warmup: I started on the bike and done 2 minutes warming up and burning 12 calories.  I then only lightly stretched my Quads and hams because of the riding I did today and the walking they were a bit tense to stretch.
Quadriceps: I’m going to start working my Hamstrings first because they are starting to get good shape and my legs are coming out good.  I started with warming up on Leg Extensions and put on 40 pound and done 20 reps.  I got onto the other Leg Extension that I haven’t used and done another 20 reps with 60 pounds.

Then I took the opportunity to use Horizontal Leg Press and put on 200 pounds and done 20 reps.  I then left it but put my feet facing outward and done 20 more reps while stopping at the bottom for a count of 2 on most reps.  I then paused and done 20 more reps with the same stance.

I got onto Hack Squats and with 80 pound on the machine I done 12 reps which were fairly easy.  I then put the weight up to 120 pounds and done 12 more reps.

I then got onto Leg Press and put it straight up to 240 pounds which is now easy for me to do.  I done 12 easy reps with it on a normal stance.

Hamstrings: I got onto Bent Lying Leg Curls and put it on 80 pounds and done 15 reps.  I then put it up to 100 pounds and done myself 12 more reps.  I like this exercise and since it is my light workout day for Legs today I put the weight down to 80 pounds again and done 12 more reps.

I should have done straight Leg Deadlift first to stretch my Legs better but Instead I did it now and got out a 80 pound fixed bar and done 12 reps in easy layback fashion.  For not much Intensity I sure was sweating pretty good.

I then paused and picked up the same weight and done another 12 reps.  After that set I still had one more set to do and I was going to do Seated Leg Curls but instead I went back to Lying Leg Curls in bent form because the seated version was taken.  I put the weight on 80 pounds and done myself 12 more reps to finish off Hamstrings.

Calves: I started on Seated Calve Raises and it was much a mistake as my fucken ankle still hurts and I don’t know if it is going to heal to its original way.  I put on 40 pounds and done 3 sets with that doing 15 reps for each set.  For those sets I put my body forward so my feet would not slip so easily down the plate.

I then got onto Standing Calve Raises and started on 100 pounds and put my body a bit forward and done 15 reps.  I then put it up to 120 pounds and done myself 15 more reps.

My Calves don’t feel get worked the same every time I work them out and sometimes I have to lessen the load on one leg to work the other.

Anyway, the next and last set was with 130 pounds and I done 15 more reps with this weight.


Limitations Of A Notepad

I just got scared a bit because I just got rid of the whole page I just wrote by pressing escape but I didn’t know how to get back to the other page I was on.  It scared me a bit because I thought that I erased my work.  Pheeeeew….

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow I have to hand in my form and I’m going to try to find that spot that I can see over Bình ‘s shop from the park.

Rap Project Moving Forward

After that I’m going to go see Tatton because him and Jett are supposed to be writing some nigga shit for me tonight.

We’re all getting together on Sunday and doing some raps with each other, and giving each other ideas.

By then we should have the 3-way microphone jack.  I should also have my black Bandanna and some more Nigga CDs, and Tatton should have some beats on vinyl for us too.

Yep, we should be moving along nicely, and with the new lyrics that they should be writing and the new ones that we are going to be writing on Sunday, we should be ready to start practicing our rapping techniques.

I’m going to buy that plug that allows the microphone to get put into my system, and I’m going to buy a microphone when my next pay comes, along with a new waterbed if I’m lucky.

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