Mad Chaos: Tuesday, September 17, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

I had a wonderful sleep last night and a nice little nap.

Today I just sat home and didn’t really do anything.  I woke up at 10:00 am and had a little sleep through the day.

The Delayed Letter

I still haven’t got the letter from Kathryn yet.  Tomorrow I am definitely going down to the Post Office to check it out if it hasn’t come yet.

Imad Is Disrespectful

Imad came over today and he came with Dina.  I don’t say bad things about Imad but today he acted pretty shit.  He acted like he loved himself and put me down in front of Dina, not really putting me down but making the room quiet.

He shouldn’t be doing shit with his woman because I don’t need to see that in my house.  He has a house and he can do it there and not try to show it off.  It is very disrespectful but I didn’t tell him for the sake of his feelings and ego.

New Hip Hop Ideas

There wasn’t much accomplished in physical or mental terms, but I did come up with some new ideas for our raps.

I think this is coming out real good because we are all interested and we have been going for about a month or less now.  I can’t really remember when we actually came up with the idea but that’s why I’ve got a diary.

I paged Jett and he rang me back and I told him about the ideas, and told him to go on with it and try to write some shit before Thursday comes.  I also rang Tatton and I told him the same shit.  He is going to come up with some shit too.

The Hommie Handshake

This handshake that I made up about 2 years ago, everyone knows it and it is always second nature when we are saying goodbye and hello.  It is a pretty good handshake and I’m proud of it coming this far.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow is my upper body heavy day, and I’m looking forward to it with a good eating plan.

After getting my gym pass and this waterbed cover and tire and tube, I’ll have $20 left to get food for the house.

I didn’t have much to eat today but tomorrow should be a good day for eating lots, and good.

Now I’m going to watch some T.V or something because I have nothing important to do.

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