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Mad Chaos: Sunday, September 29, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Make Plans To See Lake Curtis

Last night after I wrote my last entry Imad came over and we went out for a bit to see if Keith was awake – which he wasn’t – so then we went to Tatton’s house.

We made a plan that today we would meet around 10:00 am and go to see where Lake was cremated.

Wake Imad Up

I got a call from Tatton at 9:00 am.  Then I got up at 9:30 am.  Tatton called me back a couple of times because Imad wasn’t at my house yet.  I got him to call his house and he didn’t go home so I knew he was at Dina’s house.  I went there and it was raining a bit.  I woke the idiot up at 10:30 am and I went back home to wait for him.

I thought he was coming by himself so he would only be 5 minutes but he took 20 minutes and Dina came too.  I really wasn’t expecting her to come because I knew if she’d come they would be over each other.

Pick Tatton Up

We then went to pick up Tatton, and stopped off at the petrol station to get petrol.  I got $5 off my dad last night.  I was going to save it since Imad took all the other money for petrol but he was asking Dina for money and I gave it to him.

Dina Gets Onto Imad In Car

As I expected, after that she started being affectionate in bad taste in front of me and Tatton.  She started touching his leg and put her hand in between his legs, and the seats are a long way from each other, so, it was extremely bad taste to see that.

Then when we were almost there at the lights they started getting affectionate.  What pissed me off is Imad looks at me and Tatton and tries to make a joke out of it.  He should know that it is disrespectful to do shit like that in front of friends but I guess not.

Imad Gets Lost On The Way

I didn’t show any of this anger because it was Lake’s birthday but it also pissed me off when we got there and I knew where we were going but he didn’t listen to me.  He got lost near Wonderland and I told him how to get there but he listened to Dina who gave him directions to do a 5km circle around the place and then we go in.  Then when he knew I was right he started to get shitty because he loves himself.

I saw a Cadilac on the way down and I’m starting to like big vehicles now.

Arrive To Cemetery

The weather was acting weird because on the way there the clouds were low and moving very fast and then the sun came out.

We got there and I knew they weren’t going to have his ashes or anything there.  For the others, the mission was over.  But for me I went there to reminisce and we went to the place where his ceremony was done.  The doors were closed so we couldn’t get inside.

We arrived at the Cemetery and it started to rain as soon as we went to his Ceremony hall.  We stayed outside the doors for a bit.  Imad wanted to go but I got the conversation flowing for a bit before we left.

Inscribed Lake’s Initials

I got out Imad ‘s knife and I went back and by now It was almost hailing with rain.  I inscribed my initials in the brick wall at his Ceremony hall and Imad done his.  Tatton didn’t get out and inscribe his name and gave me a fake sorrow look and talk so I would understand why he didn’t come out.    Then Imad went to get the car and I wrote Lake Curtis in another brick and I was ready to go.

We left and then some more bad taste came my way and then we got home.

Return Home

We went straight home.  I was dropped off first and then Tatton got dropped off.  Something told me Imad wanted to get home really quickly so he could get started on Dina with some more bad taste with that idea.

Hip Hop Contribution Lacking

I watched the footy and slept on it.  Then I woke up and Jett called me up.  He was over at Caitlin’s house.  He is coming over tomorrow after work at around 6:30 pm.  I guess Tatton is too because I told him about it.

Those two dweebs aren’t coming up with anything in their own time.  They just go home and don’t do any shit for our verses, and then they come back when we get together and don’t do much then.  I’m starting to hate that, and I hope that tape actually comes for me from Damien Gerard Studios.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow I got my interview with Sue so I can get straight onto work experience.  If it’s a hot day tomorrow then I’m going to go for a bike ride or something because I don’t have any gym money anymore.

I want to see what Kathryn said yesterday too because now it is Kathryn’s holidays and she might send me a letter or two quicker.

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