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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, August 7, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today started off alright with me waking up at 9:00 am, going to the toilet, and then going back to sleep.  I could have stayed awake but I decided to go to sleep.

I woke up earlier today and got up at 11:15 am.  I had some Macaroni for breakfast.  Then I was ready for the big day ahead.

A Day In Campbelltown

I went down to Campbelltown and first checked out the Prices of the Photos.  It ended up being around $17 for it all.

I then went to Insanity in Campbelltown and there were no Tony Rich singles around.  I have to search for it hectically or I won’t find it, and part of me is lost in the letter.  When I went to Insanity I saw my brother.  He minded my bike for me while chatting to some people.

I then went and called up Brash’s in Sydney.  I got cut off half way through and it pissed me off.

Riding With Sore Legs

My Legs were very sore today from the 40 Km bike ride yesterday.  I couldn’t pedal hard today because of that but I knew I had to go to the Gym and I did.  I had a great workout.

It is now instinct for me to go to the gym and I am getting more used to going, having controlled, meaningful workouts, and not overtraining.

In CES Landed An Interview

I went to the CES too and found 2 jobs.  One of them I have an interview for at 9:00 am tomorrow morning so I’m going to sleep as soon as I finish here.

From the CES I came home and got some money off mum.

Haircut For Interview

I came down again and got my hair cut for the interview, getting an undercut and had it tied back in a ponytail.  It looked alright but not a winner just yet.

Catch Up With Pari

I also rang up Pari.  He came down and handed me the photos that we took when we were at the gym for our first body-poses.  I have to pick them up on Saturday.  I will also mail the letter to Kathryn come Monday.

Visited Johnnie

I saw Brock and Clayton coming from the gym and barber shop around 3:30 pm.  They were catching a bus home.

I went to Johnnie’s house today too.  Monica, Brock and Clayton were there.  Brock came down 10 minutes later on his bike.

Gym Routine

exerciseAnyway here is my routine that will blow you away.

Warm-up: The warm-up consisted of bike riding for 3 minutes and burning off 15 calories.  I then warmed up my Quads and Hamstrings by doing a bit of stretches.
Quadriceps: I might have to make this short because I have to get ready for tomorrow but here goes.

I started warming up on Leg Extensions and done 15 reps with 50 pounds.  I then moved straight to Leg Press and put on 280 pounds and waited a bit and hammered out 8 reps that came pretty easy but uneasy.

I then done my second warm-up on Sissy Squats and done 15 reps feeling the burn.  I placed the weight on Leg Press up to 300 pounds for the first time and tried doing a set of 8 reps.  I got up to the 6th rep and it started to tax me, my 7th rep got stuck and I had to heave for a while until I got the weight up.

I then put the weight down to 260 pounds and done 8 more fairly easy reps.

I then stayed on that weight and done 8 more reps but with my feet fairly high on the grid working my Glutes and Hamstrings a bit more.

I then moved onto Hack Squats and started on 200 pounds.  I did 8 reps not really going all the way down but, going a certain distance down.

I then did another set with the same weight and done 8 more reps.  My last heavy set was on Smith Squats and I started on 160 pounds and done 4 reps but dorky ones and decided to stop and drop the weight to 120 pounds.  I then did a good 8 reps.

My Endurance set was on Seated Machine Leg Press and with 120 pounds or so, I done 60 reps changing my leg spacing every so reps and lifting my butt off the seat so I can work my Hamstrings and Glutes more.

Hamstrings: I started with 2 warm-up sets on Standing Leg Curls and with 10 pounds for each Leg I done 15 reps for 2 sets.

After my 2 warm-up sets I started on Lying Leg Curls and with 90 pounds I done 8 long hard reps.

I saw a guy doing 150 pounds on the other version of the Lying Leg curl where the seat is more bent around the waist with a V shape.  It’s probably just there for me to lift heavy and that was true, I lifted 140 pounds with ease 8 times and didn’t bother counting that for my weight tally.

I then moved to Seated Leg Curls and put the weight up to 200 pounds to start on and with a bit of bad form, got out 8 reps just.  I then dropped the weight to 180 pounds and got a good 8 more reps out of it.

I was going to do another set but my kindness saw me giving it up to a nice lady.

Instead I done Straight Leg Deadlifts with 130 pounds of fixed weight and done 8 reps giving a good stretch.

My Endurance set was on Seated Leg Curls and I done 50 reps but on the 30th rep I done 10 reps with a straight body to the weight lifting my Chest off the bench and holding myself up there.

Abdominals: These were a bit less sweaty and I have noticed that I sweat more these days and always come home drenched.

I started on Crunches and done 45 reps with no weight and it killed me.  I decided to go easy and went to Machine Ab Crunches and put it on 150 pounds and done 60 reps with ease but, it took me a long time.  I put the weight up to 200 pounds and done another 40 reps before quitting.

I then went back and done Cable Side Crunches with 40 pounds and done 15 reps each side.

My last 2 sets were with 40 pounds and on Crunches doing 25 reps.  I then took off 20 pounds and with 20 pounds done 30 more reps.

That was it for the day.  I weighed just over 72 Kilos.

When the money comes in this Monday and we go shopping, I’m going to gain another kilo and be 74 Kilos.


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