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Mad Chaos: Thursday, August 15, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Sweating On A Response From Kathryn

The package should have been received by now.  It is 3 more days until Judgement Night.  It will be good to see how Kathryn really feels about me, and whether she is going to send me any pictures back.

I really think it is going to be a good response regardless of what is going to be said because she is coming back for one thing, and my words can’t change that.

Meal Plan (25)

I followed my Dietary plan today and added a bit to it being a sandwich at the end of the day.  I still haven’t eaten all of my chicken but the reason is that it is so full of shit and tastes so good that it takes me two turns to finish it.

We still have lots of food left to play with until the end of this fortnight.

When I get the money from Eric, (if he remembers) then I am getting a Whey Protein Formula for $40-$50 depending on how much I’ll have to spend.

Supplements Shop

The guy I saw was very helpful as usual and I actually asked him some questions about Amino Acid Branches.  It turns out he knows way a lot more than I know and he is learning it rapidly.

I got 3 more books from him and I got a poster from one of them and it is of a woman.

I also found out about the Nike Bandannas.  You can only get them from Insport in the City, so that’s where I will be going to get my shit.  As long as I’m in there I’m also going to check out Brash’s in the City for Music Scores.

Anyway, for the rest day I had today I had a pretty straight forward meal plan.

Meal One: Pancakes & Custard,  300g Yogurt,  Cordial.
Meal Two: 200g Spaghetti,  2 egg whites,  Cordial.
Meal Three: 10 Fish Fingers,  1 litre Milkshake.
Meal Four: 500g Chicken,  1 Tuna Sandwich.


Calories: 3573
Protein: 294.4 33.8%
Fat: 71.6 18.6%
Carbohydrates: 453.4 47.6%

Two-Week Loading Gym Strategy

Tomorrow is Chest, Triceps and Abs.  I’m going to be full-on with Chest for tomorrow’s workout and I’m going to try to lift the 80 pounders for a change.

I think this will be my first time trying to lift this weight.  It should be hard but I’m going to get at least 6 reps out of it.

That’s a good workout for me because my arm size is growing pretty good.

By the end of this two-week loading program with the weight gaining supplement on the last week, I am going to gain a fair bit of muscle.  I might even extend this to 3 weeks or maybe four weeks but in a different format.

Hoping To Gain Kilos

Tomorrow I should weigh just over 73 kilos, and that will be good for lifting heavy weights.  I used to remember when I used to ingest only 120 grams of Protein but these days it is up to 400 grams of protein a day.

I didn’t used to eat much back then thinking about it.  On school days when I used to go to school I never used to have any breakfast.

Moving Out Gains Momentum

This moving out thing is becoming more real now with me probably moving out in Burnside or maybe a proper move out go a proper place depending on what money pack I get.

Jett would be my first choice and then there wouldn’t be much choice after that because I can’t really rely on anyone else apart from him.

I could rely on Imad but I do not really want to be hearing him bonking all the time and having Dina sleep over all the time.

Tatton was a choice for a brief second in my mind, before I laughed at the idea and scorned it off.  I’d move in with a woman but, the woman I want is up in Brisbane and she would not want to move down just for me, even though she has a life down here.

Suffering Writer’s Block

Right now I’m listening to some more Mariah Carey and I have a blank in my mind.  I can’t really think of anything to say so really I’m just rambling tonight.

Ants have started to come into my room a bit now.  There’s only one or two a night but soon they will be coming in hordes.

Learn New Music

I’m going to learn to play “I still call Australia Home” again.  I think it will be good to play that once in a while and should be easy to play.

Planning Ahead

I’m probably going to get sleepy soon and then go to sleep early tonight.  Tomorrow I will go to the gym a bit later so I can go when everyone else is there, for stimulation.  The more people there the better stimulation I get from the scene.

Also tomorrow I have to go to the Solarium and that’s about it really.  I can’t think of anything that I have to do tomorrow that would be beneficial but I might go on my bike see Tatton and maybe Angel.

Gonna go now and do shit.

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