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Mad Chaos: Sunday, August 11, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Hang Out With Imad

The rest of the day today went fine.

Imad came over later on in the day and explained to me some detail of him and Dina up close and personal.  I hit him with the $10 I need.  He should be coming over tomorrow to give it to me.

We went to Dina’s house and got the video and now it is back here.

Then, we came to my house and done some weights.  Well, Imad did weights and I spotted.  He done around 120 pound on Bench Press.

After that we walked back to Dina’s house and we made a lot of noise going past Aubree’s house fake laughing our heads off so everyone could hear us.

I said goodbye and I left for back home.

Brother To Brother Chat

I lent my brother the radio scanner.  Now he’s listening to it having a good time.  I spent a bit of time with my brother.  We had brother to brother discussions.

We were downstairs fixing the bikes and he was showing me the proper ways to fix the bike.  I listened and learnt some things.  We talked about bike races, bike racing, sponsorship, speeds of bikes and just bike stories we’ve both come across,.

Later on I hit him too for some financial aid.

I asked him if he could help me with getting a muscle gainer within his next pay and he said yeah of course.  That would really be helping me out.

Setting Exercise Goals

My brother has me sparked up even more now in bike riding.  I want to do some 40 Km spreads but I have to stay strict on my weights.  So, this protein powder will come in very useful in the last stage of my 2-week workout, as there will not be much food in the house and this will fill me up.

I’m going to make my Dietary Intake log for tomorrow contemplating a new start and a heavy workout.  I have to be a bit more scientific about my weights now if I want to increase weights.  I When I get into my new training program I will go over my weights and try to beat them.

I will have to beat at least one record every workout day and body-part.  That is the short term goal I am setting to achieve.

All it is about really is determination, mental awareness and goal-setting.

Planning Ahead

I’m going to go to sleep around 12:30 am tonight, half an hour earlier than last night and get up around 9:30 am or later and then get ready to go shopping and do all the other errands I have to do.

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