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Mad Chaos: Saturday, August 10, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

So, next Sunday is Kathryn’s birthday.  If my calculations are correct then she’ll get my presents by Friday, and then have a good time on Sunday.

I got up today at a remarkable 10:30 am, my earliest yet.

Visit Johnnie

I got up, had a banana and then ventured down to Johnnie’s house.

I stayed there for a while and I got my hair cut up a bit so I could have my hair tied back properly.

Wolf was over there and we didn’t do much apart from watch shit shows on TV.

I had my bandanna on as I played the piano for a bit but I stunk because it is harder to play that piano.

Ride To Campbelltown

I then rode with my bandanna on downtown looking for people I knew.  I only found Drake, Tatton’s step-brother.

We walked around together a bit.  He had a bad leg because he sprained it running down a flight of stairs to catch a train, so we walked slowly.

Picked Photos Up

In that time I went and checked out on my photos and found the bitch didn’t even put them in.  They were still behind the counter and guess what? She wasn’t there today.  Fancy that.  Bitch.  So I have to get them redone.  The ironic thing is, the ones that I wanted to send to Kathryn have to be sent away, but the ones from Pari were done today.

So, if my plan goes correct I’ll have to get them on Tuesday.  Imad owes me a big favor now for me lending him my video player and going to lend him something else soon.  So he’ll owe me $10.  With that I’ll get Kathryn express post and it will get there before Friday for sure.

I have everything now except for the photos for her, and I know I want to send them.

Pizza Hut Old Group In-Fighting

Today was a busy day and I didn’t go to the Solarium because it was closed today.  A lot of stuff was closed down at the CBD and it wasn’t fun.

I went to Pizza Hut to pay a visit to some people and I found Rory and Palmer down there.

I was nice to them.  We talked for a bit and I found out that no one is going out anymore because people are fighting with each other.  Bình is supposed to be fighting with Ned for some reason and other people just have girlfriends or couldn’t be bothered.

Trendsetting Bandanna And Nike Gear

I’ve been listening to Mariah Carey every day now since I have written the letter.  My hair looks pretty good tied back, and in a bandanna, I have to admit.

My new style will now be wearing a bandanna with my hair slicked back and face hugging Boll’e glasses tinted dark so you can’t see the eyes.

You always see people with Adidas pants on and Adidas sweatshirts and jumpers.  I am now going to invest into some Nike Sweat pants and Nike socks, Nike shoes, Nike Bandanna hat and Beanie.  My shirts and jackets are going to be the only different things on my body being colored shirts to fit with the other Nike stuff with no name tags known to man so I can start a new trend.

People down the gym have already started to wear Nike hats.  I think it is due to me because I always wear one down there and people down there have respect for the way I train.

Now It’s going to be Nike everything and some cut shirts maybe from a bodybuilding clothes shop so I can show my Muscle.  Or if I join a Kick Boxing class then a Kick boxing jacket.  As long as either of them make me look big it’s all right.

Goal To Get Massive

My Chest doesn’t have much pain from yesterday but my back can feel it in the upper portion of the back.  My Triceps can feel it but my Chest can’t.

I really need to build up my arm size and expand my ribcage all at once in the next two weeks.  I have got good leg size now and good calf definition, and my abs, back and chest are coming out good now.  My Lats are wide and thick looking, My Abs are there and defined and my Chest is better than ever.  I just need big arms and I will look good in all my poses.

I have until the end of this year which is four months to get bigger and hopefully gain up to 80 Kilos before the end of the year.  That isn’t impossible because that’s like gaining half a kilo every week.  That’s fairly easy, so let’s concentrate on baby steps and earning half a kilo a week until I have gained 80 kilos.

When I earn that 80 kilos I’m going to start cutting up for my photo shoot, and hopefully look like a sick cunt.

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