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Mad Chaos: Friday, August 23, 1996

Today I got up at 7:30 am, had something to eat, and then went back to bed.  I got up at 9:30 am when Tatton called me for the trip to Sydney.

Sydney With Tatton

I had my shower.  Then I got a lift to Tatton’s house with my tape deck and lots of CDs and tapes.  He got ready and then we went off to Sydney.

We spent about 4 hours mostly walking around down in Sydney looking for shit for me to buy.

We went to all the music stores around like Brash’s and Insanity’s all down there.  But they didn’t have shit.

I found my pot of gold at a shop that Tatton told me about, and a woman at Brash’s told us about – which she was pretty nice.

Buy CDs and Posters

We went there and I fell in love with all the Gangsta Shit that was there.  I was surprised they had Snoop’s “Doggystyle”.  I got that and another CD called “Frustrated by Death”.

We then went and got my bandanna and bought a bit of McDonalds while we were down there.

Replace CD In Sydney

When we started coming home, Tatton saw the CD that I had was different to the CD in the cover.

We got off at Redfern of all places and waited to go back and replaced it.

Then we got some more Macers.

We were both frustrated and had headaches by now and it was time to go home.

Shopping In Campbelltown

We got to Campbelltown.

I went to check out the posters but the place was closed, so I’ll have to go there tomorrow to get it.

Bodishop Gym With Tatton

I met Tatton at Bodishop and he had 45 minutes to do his workout in and he done it.  I brought my radio and put on some Snoop while he was training.  Some of the people there knew it and some of them didn’t like it, so we turned it down halfway.

Actually, one of the trainers there turned it down halfway or to his volume so he could hear it too because he was into that shit.

The “Skippy” Kick Boxing Trainer

He finished his workout and then we went to watch Bình, Shawn and Leroy doing kick boxing.  The trainer there is too Skippy for me.  I don’t think it is what I am looking for.

Shawn Drops Us Off Home

I got a lift home with Shawn and so did Tatton.  We talked about the usual shit.

Planning Ahead

I don’t think the white bandanna suits me but, when I get the black one I’m cheering.

I’m going to get 3 CDs next fortnight and they will be Grave-Diggaz Niggamortis – Bone Thugs and Harmony and 2 Pacs new shit with California Loving.  I want to get stacks more shit but with the payment after that, I’m going to get some Nike Pants.

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