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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, July 3, 1996

June will definitely be the turn around with luck with girls.

Ingleburn RSL Under-18 Party

Instead of going out to Kentlyn tonight we ended up going to an under-18 party at the Ingleburn R.S.L.  It cost $12 to get in.

The party started at 8:30 pm, but we ended up going an hour late because we had to go get Bình and Chí.

Then we went to pick up Natasha.

Then, we went to where Harley played touch-footy and picked her up, took her home and got her dressed up.  Then we went out.

I wore my Adidas shirt, the jacket Imad gave to me and my blue Keppers.  I also had my beanie on and my brother’s glasses in my pocket.

Inside The Club

When we got there one hour later we were buzzed out the front to see if we had any weapons on us.  Then we went through.

It was set out pretty good with very loud speakers and a lot of celebrities there including that fag off Home and Away that thinks he’s good.  There was also 96.1 there playing all the mixes.

All the girls went but that didn’t matter because I had a sick time anyway.

At the start I wasn’t into it and I wasn’t dancing much at all for about an hour, just trying to act hard.

Then I went for a walk after an hour and at first I saw Chip and Silvia that used to live in Johnnie Roscoe’s street and Mini who used to like me and still does.  I asked them to come over and dance with our group but they said they were too shy, so I moved on.

See IYF Gang Members

Then I saw some people from the old I.Y.F gang.  I went up and said hello.  I then saw Raven who used to hang out with Pavlina.  I was hanging around with her for a while trying to get her to hook me up to someone.

Circling Valeriya

I kept circling around and found out that Valeriya was there and she was dancing up somewhere.  I didn’t bother looking for her but I did end up finding Sherry’s brother and her friends who I knew from Brodie’s party.  I stayed with them for a while.

Dancing With Two Hot Chicks

pick-up girl

Then I saw two very hot chicks and I thought I’d give them a try.  I went up to them and I called them over to come and dance with our group and they did.  One of them was very hot with a mini skirt and a tank top.  The other looked a bit like Fran but with a much more beautiful face.

I liked them both and they seemed alright.  I heard that the real hot one liked me, so that’s why I called them over.

I ended up going and dancing everywhere because a good song came on and I just went off and went crazy.  I mean crazy dancing everywhere crazy.  I was on fire, you could not stop me.  What more is that I had my plait done up by Janice and I had my beanie over it so it made me look more homie.

Dancing Up On A Girl

I saw this girl who was dancing near our group.  Sherry’s brother knew her from school so I went up and danced with her.  Then I went up and danced on her.  She was pretty hot herself so I told her to follow me.  I took her into the middle of the dance floor where there was no air and it was hot as.  I held her hand and guided her through.  I was pretty happy about that.

That’s where I started dancing up on her very badly in front of Aubree and Janice and the rest of the group.  I tapped Keith on the shoulder and he smiled at me.  I was dancing up on her so hard that she gave me an erection.  I used that to my advantage.

I started rubbing her up there and then.  She closed her eyes and she was liking it very much.  I stopped after 20 seconds and she opened back her eyes and sort of let her guard down a bit, and let me put my hands all over her.  It felt good.  I threw her up into the air and her shirt nearly came off.  I got her.

Take Girl To The Tables

She went somewhere for a while to get a drink and I danced up again with the other girls and Sherry’s brother.

After about 20 minutes I stopped.  She came back and I got her to sit down with me at a table.  She held my hand to the table.  We sat down next to Pamella and Sallie.

Sherry’s brother (the girl that Rory got onto) came over and talked to us.  He was putting in good words for me, and me and her were talking.  I got very close to her and I was putting my hand on her leg.  She was leaning on me and had her head on my shoulder as she was writing her name on my arm.  I got her to write it again on my bicep and I was flexing it at her all the time.

Escorting Girl Outside For A Kiss

There were about ten minutes of the party left so we headed to the doors.  I stood outside with her and she pointed out her dad.  Then I said “Come over here and I’ll give you something.”  She knew what I wanted to give her.  She hesitated at first but then I said “You gave me something special so let me give you something in return.”

She let down her guard again and then she gave me a kiss on the cheek where I wanted it.  I said, “Now let me give you one” and gave her one also on the cheek.

I told her about Kentlyn and I am ringing her when I wake up to see if she wants to come out with us.  I’m going to try and get her to come to my house and we are going to get it on.

She told me she lives at Bow Bowing.  Keith said that was a rich area so she is rich, but I don’t care about that.  She also told me her birthday is in one month and she will be turning 17 then.  She didn’t sound like she was lying to me and she sounded very genuine to me.

I liked her because she appeared nice and quiet to me and she could dance.  I am determined to try something out with her.  Fancy her name being Madlyn though.

Scoring Anona’s Number

pick-up girl

Those other two girls I called over I got to see them after I dropped Madlyn off.  I saw them standing there so I went up to them and asked them If they had a good night, and If they were wanting to come out tomorrow to another party.  They said yeah but the security there rushed me.

I had to rush in getting their number but I got Anona’s number.  I don’t really need it because Sam said she used to work at Macdonald’s and she would have her records there.  I got the number anyway and I am going to call them both tomorrow.

If they come they both said that they would both bring friends with them, a lot of them.  So I am cheering because I didn’t think I would be the one bringing people into the group.

I hope they last though because no one else got lucky tonight.

Dietary Plan

I also went on a dietary plan today and I ate up to 4500 calories or am eating.  I am up to my fourth meal and I am going to check on it now.  Then I am going to write down the dietary plan.

Meal One: 1 banana, Fruit Loops, 200g Yogurt, 1 Multivitamin tablet, One Vitamin C tablet.
Meal Two: 1 Le snack, Baked Beans & Meatballs, 1 banana, Orange Juice.
Meal Three: 500g Chicken, Spaghetti (200g), Orange Juice, Calcium Tablet Vitamin C tablet.
Meal Four: 2 Tuna Sandwiches, Milkshake (500Ml), 6 egg whites, Vitamin C.
Meal Five: Steak & Mushroom Pie, 1 Tuna Sandwich, Orange Juice, Vitamin C tablet.


Calories: 4648.8
Protein: 400.3 34.4%
Fat: 87.9 17.0%
Carbohydrates: 564.0 48.5%

So that’s what I am eating today.

Planning Ahead

I am going to sleep pretty early today so that I can call Madlyn up early and see if she wants to come over.  I have a good feeling about Madlyn because she is tough but shy at the same time but she takes things by the hand.  I can’t explain her yet but I will be able to experience her and pleasure her soon.

This month will be the month of relationships and this month my sexual potency will be unleashed.  About time.

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