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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, July 24, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Not much to say in my mind in my moment, except that I am thinking of Kathryn and I am thinking of the gym session I did today.

Go to Campbelltown

The phone in our house is out and we can’t receive calls or send them out.  That means if anyone wants to contact me about my job applications or some friends want to ring me, it won’t work.

So, I went to Campbelltown.  I saw Ned and Shawn today in Campbelltown.

Alison Turns Me Down

Then I rang up Alison.

That brought me down a bit because she came up with another excuse that she could not come with us to Homebush.  The HSC is coming up soon and she couldn’t see me for a while.  Yeah right.

Driven By Regrets

Girls that do not know me think I am only out for some loving, and not out for the right stuff.  There is some truth in that, but women should not be scared of it.  I will not force someone to do what they don’t want to do.

Madlyn thought of me as that kind of person because in the back of her head she was thinking of me after I parted ways with her.  I too am thinking how it would be now if I went out with her.

Gym Routine

exerciseAnyway, here is what I accomplished today.

Warmup: I went easy here and thought I should tone down a bit on the intensity on the bike and done 4 minutes and burnt 35 calories.  It actually did work for the better in the long run for the legs.  I done some stretching for the Quads and the Hamstrings and then went off to do my….
Quadriceps: I had it all mapped out what I was going to do today and I did it almost to perfection.

I started with a warmup on the Leg Extensions and with 50 pounds done 15 reps pausing at the top of the movement.

I then got on the Vertical Hack Squat and put it up to 80 pounds and done another warmup set of 15 reps.  Now it was time for the big guns and they did show today.

Starting on Leg Press I loaded it up with 280 pounds and to my amazement got out 8 reps and I don’t think I could have done one more.  I put the weight down to 260 pounds and done 8 more reps.  I strained on this set but my next set was with the same weight but, this time I almost quit on the seventh rep and I was on the verge of letting the weight drop but, I found my strength and pulled through that rep.

I felt good after that and stayed high on weight and went to Smith Machine Squats.  I started on 100 pounds and done an easy 8 reps.  I then paced up to 120 pounds and done another 8 more reps but these, although pretty hard, were too easy for me.  On that set, I held my legs a bit closer together and was pulling up rather than pushing.

My next exercise was Hack Squat and I started on 200 pounds and done 8 reps.  I didn’t really do much full reps but it was nevertheless, taxing on my legs.  My next set was with the same weight and 8 more reps.  I then done my endurance set which was on Leg Press and with 80 pounds I done 30 very long reps.

I wanted to quit when I got to 15 but, I kept going on and even though my legs were burning up I managed to finish with 30 reps.

Hamstrings: Not as chaotic but hard with me starting on Standing Leg curls with a warmup weight of 10 pounds and doing 15 reps.  This is when I got a 40 pounds bar and done 15 reps of Straight Leg Deadlift.  I then went to Lying Leg Curls and started on 90 pounds and ended up just doing 8 reps.  It was very taxing and I put the weight down to 80 pounds and done 8 more reps.

I then jumped to Seated Leg Curls and started on 180 pounds and done 8 reps.  My Gluteus Minimus (the muscle on the side of the Hip), was aching by bad form so I adjusted and with the same weight done 8 more reps.  I did one more set on this weight and done 8 reps with it.

I then did my Endurance set and done Seated Leg Curls with 60 pounds and I done 60 full reps and, I brought my legs all the way back to feel the pump.

Abdominals: I started on the Crunches and done my first set with no weight and 40 reps.  I then done one more set doing 30 reps.

Jumping off this, I went to do Machine Ab Crunches and started with 100 pounds for my light set and done 50 reps taking me a couple of minutes.  I then halted for a minute to adjust the weight to 200 pounds and for my medium sets, done 40 reps.  I then paused for another minute and continued to do 30 reps on the same Machine.

I then pursued back to the Crunches and with 20 pound on my Chest done 20 more reps.

Warm-down: I did 15 calories in 2 minutes.

Planning Ahead

Right now I am watching the Olympics to see the time trials for the Bicycle race, but, it won’t be long until I am playing the computer.

Tomorrow I am going back to the Pools to do another 20 laps and have a relaxing sauna.

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