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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, July 9, 1996

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Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today I woke up around 12:00 pm and I didn’t really do much.

I called two people today and those people were Alison and Sherry.

Calling Alison

I had a chat to Alison twice tonight.  I rang her up on the phone the first time and she was very keen to talk to me.  She sounded very nice on the phone.

I called her up the first time and I told her about the party on Saturday night.  Then I asked her to the movies on Friday night.  She was willing to go.  The only problem was getting her strict dad to agree.  I told her to lie to her dad and she is thinking about doing that.

I have a good chance with Alison and if I was to go out with her, everyone already likes her.  I can tell she likes me but I just can’t tell her that or she’ll think I’m too easy.

Calling Sherry

Also on the list was Sherry.  I was just seeing what she was doing.

I called her up and told her about the party and then I asked her over but she wasn’t that interested.  I told her to come out tonight and I gave her Ned’s number because he was picking me up.

Imad Calls

Imad called me up to tell me news.  He started work today and him and Dina are going to the movies next Friday.

Inviting Alison Out

I called up Alison once more to ask her if she would like to go both nights.  She seemed to like the idea and didn’t have a problem with it.  I am going to call her back late Thursday or early Friday to plan it.

Kentlyn Quiet Night

Keith, Noah and Rory went out tonight to the movies to watch something with some girls.  Keith went with that date that Noah set up and Rory went with Anita.  I planned something tonight and we had a quiet night at Kentlyn.

At first there was only me, Ned, Shawn, Aubree and Janice.  Later on, Sherry, Mike, Bình and Mike’s friend turned up.  Also on the turn up list was Celeste.

We just had big old chats and listened to some music and then slowly started breaking off.

We ended up going to McDonalds with Sherry and Bình’s car.  We met Astor down there.  He told me how he met a girl on Friday night at a dance and then he got her number and now he is going again with her.

Hypothesizing On The Group Breakup Reasons

I believe that, the true break-up of the group will be when everyone gets a girl or a guy.  Then we will only be going to parties with each other.  I feel that these days after Madlyn and how I felt about her (which I was actually very casual with her), I see difference with me towards women.

I like Aubree and she has a very beautiful face but not enough for me to go out with her.  I do not want her to go away though because I will have a hole in my heart.

Now this new girl in my life Alison, I think is hot and I would definitely like to get to know her better, because she has a nice personality, a nice family, and a nice body to go with it.  In addition, she’s quiet, so I could take my time with her.

Then again, when I think about Kathryn coming back from Queensland at the end of the year, that gets me happy again because I know that when she comes back I will be happy for a month.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow I have to hand in my form and I might think about ringing Alison.

I’m going to go now and wake up or try to wake up early for tomorrow.

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