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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, July 23, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

My chest and back weren’t really hurting today but I could feel a bit in the Chest and a bit in the back.

Prepare For Bike Ride

I got up today in the pretense knowing that it was going to be a hectic day today.

I got up and had some spaghetti and some drink in preparation for my bike ride and the pools.  I filled my drink bottle with Apple Juice but I also added 2 Vitamin C tablets and 2 Multivitamin Tablets.  I dissolved them in water and then chucked them into the bottle.

Bike Ride To Liverpool

exerciseMy ride was on the highway going towards Liverpool but, I only planned to ride 40 Km max.  So, I stopped short of Liverpool and headed back.  I didn’t count the 6 Km it took to get to the freeway but here are the stats.

Trip Distance: 38.56 Km
Average Speed: 29.07 Km/h
Stopwatch: 1:19:34 sec
Maximum speed: 55.8 Km/h

That bike ride was just a bit above normal.

Visit Tatton

After that I headed over to Tatton’s house.

Laps In The Pools

I had two beautiful tasting Banana’s over there and then we headed down to the Pools.

exerciseAt the pools we had a game plan and we stuck to it.  We set out to do 10 laps and then go to the Spa and then do 10 more laps, then go to the Spa one more time and that’s it.

Our first ten laps took us 40 minutes to do, averaging one lap every 4th minute.

We went to the spa and were in there for 15 minutes relaxing.

We went back into the pools and set out to do 10 more laps in 30 minutes and we did.  We done all kinds of strokes and when my shoulders (they still ache) and my back started to hurt, I’d do back strokes to warm down.

We then went back in the Spa and stayed for 15 more minutes before packing up.

Tatton bought me a sports drink and that fueled me a bit until I got home.

Meal Plan

Now I am having a Peanut Butter Sandwich, Vegetables and Sausage Soup, Cauliflower and 4 Toasted Tomato-Cheese Breville (the kind with only one piece of bread each).

Call Tatton

I am waiting now for Tatton to ring me up and I am going to go over and meet him so he can come down to my house.  We’ll probably play computer or watch the Olympics or listen to music.  He might also be staying over for the night.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow is my leg day.  I do not know how I will feel but, after I came out of the pools I felt like I could go for another 40 Km.  But maybe that was the drink, because it is now a different story.

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