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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, July 16, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Brodie Drives Over

Brodie came over last night with his car.  He stayed over for a while.  We had a lively discussion about the goings on in our group.  He stayed for about an hour until about 1:00 am in the morning.

Job Interview In NSW, Liverpool

employmentToday I woke up half an hour after I was supposed to wake up and hurried down to the station with my dad.  I got there at 11:00 am.  Then I caught the train to Liverpool.  I got to the place a good half hour before I was supposed to get there.

The interview went alright and they said that they would call me around Friday to Monday to tell me the goss.

Campbelltown CES

After the job interview I stopped off at the C.E.S and saw Tatton down there.  I went in and got another job interview but, it was a prescreen at Ingleburn C.E.S so I didn’t bother.

I got the other job to go tomorrow at Padstow at 2:00 pm.

Visit Keith To Arrange Fishing Trip

Me and Tatton went to check out Keith for the fishing trip on Friday night.  I will have to borrow a fishing rod from dad when the time comes.

Dietary Plan

I am going to write a dietary plan for tomorrow and try to follow it.  I am not going out tomorrow, so I’ll be going to gym, following the food routine, and resting.

Gym Routine

exerciseI done my workout today, here it is.

Warmup: I warmed up on the exercise bike and done 5 minutes burning 40 calories.  I wasn’t really pushing it and I was doing it after I finished doing 3 sets of Leg Extensions because it was peak hour for the Gym.

I done stretching for all parts of the legs and also for the Calves.

Quadriceps: As I said I started on Leg Extensions with my first set being with 50 pounds.  I actually done 30 reps taking it just a bit faster down and holding it for a split second also at the top.  I then went on to do 100 pounds and 15 reps trying to hold it up the top and take it up under control and steadily.  I then done my last set being with 130 pounds and I managed doing 12 reps.

I then jumped up to the Bicycle and my legs were then ready for the Leg Press.

I started on the normal 80 pounds and done 12 reps.  I found it quite uneasing but, when I put it up to 160 pounds and done 10 reps it felt alright.  I could hear my knees cracking and rubbing together when I was between sets.  I took the weight up to 260 pounds and attempted 10 reps and done them.  I then paused for 10 seconds and done 2 more reps.  I paused again and finished up with 3 more reps doing 15 reps.

My next exercise was Seated Leg Press Machine.  I started on 200 pounds and done 20 reps with normal stance.  I put the weight up to 240 pounds and then done 20 more reps but with this set, I associated using my butt.  When I was pushing the weight I would lift my butt off the rest and kind of do a Calve raise while I was pushing back.

I can say that my Calves were completely aching when I done this too.  I then did it for another set of the same weight and same reps but with my feet pointing in a bit and lifting my butt.

I then walked over to the Hack Squat Machine and by this time my legs were aching, especially the Tear Drop in my Rectus Femoris from the last exercise.  I stacked 80 pounds on and done 10 reps with ease.  The next set was double with 160 pounds and I attempted to do 10 reps but I got 9 reps out and they weren’t even going all the way down.

I was frustrated so I took it out on the Sissy Squats with 20 pounds in my hands doing 12 reps.

Hamstrings: I started by stretching and then going to the Lying Leg Curls.  I thought It would be nice If I only done 6 sets today after the Quads workout.

I started with 50 pounds and done 12 reps for a warm up.  I then put it up to 90 pounds and got up to doing 9 reps and then conked out.  I was feeling sluggish around the 6th rep but I cheated a bit.  My next set I dropped weight to 70 pounds and done 8 reps.  I then successively dropped the weight by 10 pounds and straight away doing 3 reps until I got down to 30 pounds where I done 5 reps and then, 20 pounds where I done 10 reps.

I couldn’t walk properly after that and my Hamstrings were really feeling it.

I jumped on the Seated Leg Curls and started on 100 pounds and done 12 reps.  The weight got taken up and I done my Calves but when I came back I done 2 more sets being with 140 pounds and doing 15 reps and 160 pounds and doing 10 reps.

Calves: I done light stretching but, it would already have been stretched from the other exercises.

I started with Standing Calve Raises and started on 160 pounds doing 15 reps.  Every set that I did, My calves were aching all the way through.  My second set was with 180 pounds and I done 15 more reps.  I then raised the weight up to 200 pounds and done 15 more reps.

I then went to Donkey Calve Raises and started on 180 pounds and done 15 reps.  I done 2 more sets being with 240 pounds and 15 reps and, 260 pounds and 15 more reps.

I didn’t do a warm-down because I didn’t feel like one personally.

Kentlyn Hangout

After that I went home, ate and then Brodie picked me up to go out to Kentlyn.

Ned, Shawn, Janice and Aubree were already out there when me, Brodie and William popped up.

There was a fire and we talked for a bit.  I found out that Astor’s grandfather died last night, and he was pretty close to him.

Planning Ahead

I’m going to go to bed at 2:00 am today after I sort out my new program, and what I’ll be pushing in it.

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