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Mad Chaos: Saturday, July 13, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

After I finished my last entry I went to the gym but before I write that, let me tell you a story.

Brother Is Threatened By Thug

My brother’s friend (or so called) just came over my house and threatened to bash my brother if he comes near his child or his wife again.  He then done a skid out of here and fucked off.  If I had my knife strapped to my back I would have taken it out and defended my brother but I decided to play it cool.

Bike Ride To Campbelltown

I went for a short bike ride to Campbelltown.  I first visited Ralf.  I left my bike at his house and walked down to see Bình, then to the back of Pizza Hut where I saw Saha, and then back to Ralf’s house where I picked up my bike.

We are going to Simon’s party tonight.  It should be very cold up there and it better be a good night for me.

I have about an hour to get ready and then go out and I will get picked up.  William should be coming back soon and so should Brodie, Ned and Shawn who went to Ski.

Gym Routine

Here’s my program.

Warmup: I warmed up below par today and done 5 minutes and 35 calories.

I then stretched my Chest a lot and my Shoulders and Triceps a bit.  I stretched right through the Chest workout.

Chest: My workout today wasn’t very rewarding and I stopped Midway through my Shoulder workout.  Nevertheless, My shoulders are already aching.  I started with Close Grip Bench Presses and put on a warmup weight of 40 pounds.  I pushed that for 15 reps and then, put on 80 pounds and done 10 more reps.  I tried it with 120 pounds but managed 2 reps so I dropped the weight to 100 pounds and done 10 reps.

I then went to Decline Dumbbell Press and hurled 40 pounders and done 10 reps.  I put the weight up to 55 pound dumbbells and just done 6 reps.  I then put the weight down to 50 pounds and done 7 reps with that.

Next on the Agenda was Peck Deck starting with 50 pounds and doing 12 reps.  I then put the weight up to 70 pounds and done 2 sets of 10 reps.  The second set was with Close reps to fully maximize the effect on the inner Chest.

Last Exercise was the Dumbbell Incline Press and I started on 50 pounds and done 4 reps.  I dropped the weight to 40 pound dumbbells and done 6-7 more reps.  I breathed in and concentrated for the last set and hammered out about 6 more reps.

Deltoids: I started with Smith Machine Overhead Press.  I put on 40 pounds and stayed with that weight doing 4 sets.  My first set was 7 reps and I stayed within that range doing all up about 30 reps in 4 sets.

I then done one more set of 10 reps each for Dumbbell Front arm Raises and Lateral Raises with 20 pounds on each dumbbell and then I decided to quit with no warm-down.

Planning Ahead

I had a good nutritious couple of meals but plain meals to boot.  The food should be coming in on Monday so watch out for me then.

Now I am going to have a shower.  Then I am going to call someone up to pick me up.  I am off to probably another shit night out.

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