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Mad Chaos: Monday, July 8, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today Imad rang me up and he was asking what was going on tonight.

Madlyn Plans To Visit

I then got rung up 10 minutes later by Madlyn.  We talked on the phone for what seemed to be an hour.  I had to hang up the phone twice because people were ringing her, but we arranged that she comes over my house today when I get up from sleep.  She took down my address and she is going to ring me tomorrow before she comes down or she might catch me by surprise.

I woke up today at 12:00 pm and like usual I bludged the day through.

I played a bit of piano and watched a bit of TV.

Invite Aubree Over

I then called Aubree at her house, and then on her mobile a bit later.  I called her and Harley.  Janice and her were in the car.  They were heading to Sydney Fried Chicken and she told me to ring back so I could talk to her.

I rang back and asked her how she felt about yesterday and she was okay.  I then told her, if she wanted to, she could come over my house and see me (for a conversation of course).  She said she would see what the rest of them wanted to do.

I ended up going to sleep and waking up every 5 minutes to see if they arrived, but they didn’t come down.  I was alright with that.

Imad Confronts Raya

Later on Keith picked me up and we went down to Pizza Hut with Imad.  We played around for a while.  Imad was angry with Raya (his former brother in law).  He was in the car and Raya walked past and looked in the car and then gave Imad a look as if to say “What do you want, I’m here”.

I was the first one to get out of the car and then Imad stepped out and we greeted Raya.  Raya was acting innocent saying he didn’t see who was in the car.

What ended up happening there was Imad wanting to fight him and Raya wanted to conversation him.  I was there for backup and then Keith came out and dogged us and left us there.

Imad kept going on and then Iqbal came out (a Leb), and was on Raya’s side for a while.  All the Leb girls including Shayma (Raya’s mistress) came outside and were holding Imad back.

Raya started getting smart then because his friends were there.  He knew he was in the clear so he said, “Let’s go then Imad.”

Imad Fights Raya

Imad took his shirt off, his earring out, and his knife and hat were given to me.  Raya backed off then but Imad ended up hitting him.  Raya backed off, getting surrounded by girls helping him.

Shayma personally kicked me out of Pizza Hut supposedly because I was helping out Imad.  Her and all of her Leb friends were more in on it than me, and they got treated like gold.  Yeah right bitch.

After half an hour of waiting and talking and 2 cars full of people coming and scaring off the Lebs a bit, we left in peace.  We saw the cops drive down as we drove off.

Keith The Super Dog

Keith dogged Imad by taking money from that was placed in the back of the car.  He dogged me because he didn’t take me to go get my video player, or to see Madlyn.

I was meant to go up and see her tonight but I rang her up to tell her I wasn’t coming and I got the answering machine, so it was alright.

Like I said, I am tying up my loose ends in this group and then I am fucking off the scene.

Pizza Hut With Girls

When Keith dogged us and left Pizza Hut and went to pick up Carey, we went with Aubree.

Her and Janice were acting weird towards me tonight and they were not talking their usual.  Janice now says she doesn’t like Percival and told him to fuck off that night at Kentlyn.

Girls Play Practical Joke On Rory

Aubree, Janice and Harley wrote Rory a short but sweet letter and had a comb with it because he snobbed them off.  The comb was from “Virgin” airlines and the note said “Keep this for your slick virgin head, Yep Nina.”  It said something like that and Rory was angry with them and I was happy.

Girls Plait My Hair

It was me, Imad, Aubree and Janice in her car.  We were just bad mouthing all the bad people in the group.  We told each other we were going to fuck off the bad people in the group and fuck it off completely and then get our own thing happening.

I got Imad to plait my hair and then got Janice to plait my hair.  Aubree said she was tired but I could sense she was depressed about something and that could be her family.  I feel for her and I wish this relationship I am about to embark on with Madlyn could happen later so I could sort out my feelings with Aubree.

Considering Madlyn Or Aubree

If I do go out with Madlyn then I might be thinking in the back of my Mind “What would it have been like with me and Aubree”, and especially if she moved to Queensland.  In fact, if she were moving to Queensland then I would definitely make a move on her and encourage her to stay.  I just don’t want to make a move mainly because I want a fresh start with new people and I like what I saw with Madlyn and we get along.

If me and Aubree happened sooner then maybe I wouldn’t have met Madlyn but I don’t want to say that, because Madlyn is important to me.  She is coming over tomorrow with her cousins to watch (if they get their way) “Threesome”, chosen by their cousins.

They sound alright but they could produce a problem for me tomorrow meaning I can’t spend some quality get to know you time with Madlyn.

I didn’t really feel like writing an entry but when I write one, I write one.

Nursing A Sore Body

Right now my back hurts a lot in the mid and outer regions.  My chest, rear deltoids and also my biceps are hurting.  I have sort of a new training philosophy to get me pounding big weights.  Like I done on my previous biceps exercise last session.

I did 4 sets of different biceps exercises, one set warming up and then the rest heavy after heavy.  For my last 2 sets I did seated alternate dumbbell curls.  I went with 25 pound dumbbells and done 10 reps.  I was so tired but I went up to 30 pounds and done 7 reps each hand and then stopped and commenced to do another 2 rep each hand.  I stopped again and commenced once more to finish off 3 more reps.

Now all of this was done with my breathing controlled and my biceps pumping.  I was also thinking of doing supersets for my body parts to get that pump in there.  I am thinking of doing that for my legs session tomorrow.  Do some Super-setting after I have pumped up and almost finished my leg training.

I will do my sets with 1-2 sets of warm-ups and then hard sets or Medium warm-up sets.  I will do 3 sets of Leg extensions and go hard on it.  I will then do 3 sets of Hack Squats Superset with Sissy Squats.  I then do leg press with the hard work technique and try to get 20 reps out of 240 pounds or more.  I then go and do Seated Machine Leg Presses and Superset that with some Seated Leg Curls.

I’ll do lots of Leg Curls and then move onto some Calves for 6-9 sets going for Stamina and trying to get out 25 reps per set.

I am already hyped up for tomorrow’s session.  It’s just when I am going to do it and whether or not I am going to have money for it.

Planning Finances

I should get money from Imad later but I will get some dough from the old lady.

With my next pay (if I attend this interview on Tuesday), I am going to pay my $40 police fine, $30 for gym, $10 for the party on Tuesday I am going to again, and $60 to laze around with.

I might go for a driving lesson and $35 left to spend.

I can’t think of anything else I have to spend it on so I’ll just keep thinking for now.

Keith Drives Over

Keith had the nerve of coming over at 1:30 am in the morning tonight with Carey and Brodie.  He wanted to come in my house at that time and watch Strip Tease.  Of course, I said no and Keith and Brodie were talking out loud early in the morning at the front of my house.

Disrespect is what it is and that’s why he’s got to go.

Carey was sucking her own blood and Keith was pissing down my street and examining his previous waterholes with Brodie.  They stayed there for a while talking in the car about who’s a better McDonalds worker and then they left after they woke up Keith.

Keith Goes To The Drags

Keith and Rory (and Ned went with them) snobbed us off and went to Rory’s house.  We didn’t go and they ended up going to the drags where Keith got fined $65 for bald tires.  Astor was also there but I didn’t go with him.

I am just going to say that Dina has an attitude problem once again.  I hope Imad gets really far away from her and stays away.

Planning Ahead

It’s time to go to sleep because it is 3:00 am in the morning.

I now have my video player back.

I look forward to waking up today and getting Madlyn over here to get to know her.  I have it planned out that her cousins stay at the front of us and me and her stay behind them or lie on the bed so we can do our own thing but, not too much of it.

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