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Mad Chaos: Monday, July 8, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Okay, let’s act, as this is a deadline.  I have 30 minutes to write this, have something to eat, have a shower and get ready to go out tonight.

I am going to ring Ned or Shawn and then I am going to have a usual night.

Madlyn Comes Over

I went out with Madlyn today.  She came over my house at 1:30 pm and surprised me.  I rang her house and her dad said that she went out, and I immediately thought she was coming.  As soon as I put the phone down there was a car out the front of the house, and it was them.  I quickly ducked, put on my good jeans and belt and then got up and went to the door.

My mum was downstairs and as they came in my room, she gave them an evil eye.

I think they liked my room a bit and they were kind of shocked at the pictures of bodybuilders on the wall.

Madlyn To Macarthur Square

We decided to go for a ride to Macarthur Square in the guy’s auto.

We got there and me and Madlyn went our own way.  We were going to meet them in 30 minutes.

Me and Madlyn are now kind of an item.  We were holding hands and hugging each other and being close.

She said she will go to the dance party tomorrow, and if Keith doesn’t dog me then I might be going too.

Introduce Madlyn To Everyone

I went and introduced her to my brother, and then Janice, Harley and Rich Ellis.  We also went down to Campbelltown and met Dina Florinda and some others down there.  We went onto Queen Street and she met Bình and Shawn too.

She got along with Bình really well but that’s mainly because Bình is a nice guy and is really easy to talk to, and is a good friend.

We went walking and now she knows my habit of spotting Celicas.

Madlyn shared she is going to Wollongong with her cousins because it is their last day with her.  I get to see her at the party though.

We shared a whole lot of other stories.  I would tell them all but I’m on a deadline.

Gym Routine

I want to write what I done today for my workout but all I’ll say for now is that it was very strenuous for my legs and hamstrings.  I had lots of energy and I used it to my advantage.  It took a while to find exercises that were free because it was jam packed full of people.

Called Anona

I also rang up Anona and we had a good old chat too.  We discussed her boyfriend and the party on Saturday night and if her and Alison and some more would like to go.  She is having a serious think about it and I think the answer would be yes.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow I have to get up before 11:30 am and go to Mission Employment in Campbelltown.

Tomorrow I have my chest workout and I am looking pretty solid nowadays.  I weighed in at 69.5 Kilos today so I should be at least 70 Kilos now that I have eaten.  My legs are going to ache tomorrow and I’d bet on that.  I am going to eat and grow tonight.

The time is 8:07 pm and it is time to eat and then go out.  If I don’t end up going out then it’s back to the Diary.

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