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Mad Chaos: Monday, July 1, 1996

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Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Reflecting On Last Month

Last month was the longest month of entries so far going over 2000 lines of writing.

I didn’t write a long text for the end of last month because I must have been tired for some reason.  I also wasn’t home long enough to write one.

Now onto the new month, what is in store for me?

I can definitely say that from last month I have definitely got more respect from most of the group.  I have become more heroic, and I have had more luck with women.  I also am getting a better body.

What The New Month Brings

Let me introduce you to the new month.

This month will actually be a relaxation period for my brain and a challenging stimulus for my body.  I don’t know how I am going to be woman-wise but let us just hope for the best.

Imad Has My Video In For Repairs

Today I had no video in my bedroom, nor did I have it last night, so I can’t tell the proper time.  I promised Imad I would let him keep it until Friday.  I don’t have the time until then.  I just have estimates until I get the video back.

Imad Comes Over

Today I got up by a phone call at 11:00 am.  It was Imad.  We talked for about 20 minutes.  He then got dropped off by Keith at my house.  I heard the car and then let him in.

Imad stayed from 12:00 pm. until 5:00 pm.

We were talking about getting even with Dina and making her jealous by letting someone getting onto him and then telling her.  I say go for it.

So we called up Rory to get the number for Sherry.  He didn’t have the number so we called Valeriya.

Valeriya didn’t really talk much to us because she is shy but she gave us Hallie’s number – the one that was at Brodie’s party and is going out with Mike.

We talked to her for about 45 minutes while we got Sherry’s number and she was a very good person to talk to.  I kind of was trying to chat her up but Imad kind of told me not to.

After her long conversation we called Sherry and we talked to her for a while asking if she was coming out tonight, but she couldn’t because she had to go to Cronulla to do a dancing contest.  I admire that so we let her.

Then it was time for me to go shopping.

Mom Turns On Imad

Me and my mum had a massive fight just before it because she was arguing (well not arguing, but spinning shit) with Imad.  I went off at her because Imad is my boy.

Shopping With Mom

I went shopping with the bitch.

Before I came into the supermarket I talked a bit with Ned at Pizza Hut.

Keith Dogs Imad

Keith is more of a dogg because I thought Imad was walking to Campbelltown or going to Dina’s house.   So I told Ned to tell him to pick him up if he gets to Bradbury.  But Keith said the dickhead can walk.  That really pisses me off to hear him say that so some action must be taken.

Gym Routine

exerciseI went to the gym after I went shopping.  I started the new program I was talking about last month.

Today I done chest (upper and middle), triceps and abdominals.  All of them were with different variations in them and new weights and reps.

Warmup: I decided to still do warm-ups on the bike because I need them.  So I did.  I done 4 minutes and lost 40 calories.  I then done some stretches for the Chest, Tricep stretches and then I was ready for my new program.
Chest: I started with a warm-up of Peck Deck because I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do when I walked in the Gym.  I had a bit of energy in me because I had a banana and some other food before I came down.  I done 20 low reps with 40 pounds and with my last 10 reps I leant forward to stretch my Peck area even more.

I decided I was going to do some upper body mass work so I done Dumbbell Incline Presses and started with 30 pounds and done 12 reps to get the feel and to stretch a bit.  I stopped and done some more stretching and then I got the 60 pound Dumbbells and done 7 slow and hard reps.  I felt it and I was going for my 8th rep and I was halfway up when I quit and, just as I quit someone came to help me out, on my second set of the day… Wow.  I didn’t get any help because I knew that if I got help then I would be fucked for the next couple of sets.

I then dropped the weight to 55 pound dumbbells and after a minute of waiting and stretching I commenced and done 5 reps with my hands shaking.  I knew I couldn’t do any more than five reps so I done some quarter and Half reps for about 3 reps before I conked out.

My next set I dropped down to 45 pound Dumbbells and I was ecstatic that I could only accomplish 8 reps including halves and Quarters.

I then went and done 3 sets of Machine Dip Pushdowns.  I started on 140 pounds and I commenced doing the set and accomplished 10 reps.  I was shaking but, I went up to 180 pounds and tried to do reps but I managed to do 2-3 reps before I dropped it to 170 pounds.  I done 9 reps with this weight and on the last rep I could not even straighten my arms for 10 seconds.

My next set and last on this was with 160 pounds and I done 10 more reps shaking all the way through.  The advantage of a new Program is that it brings the health back into you and you go beyond your plateau.

I then hopped onto the Machine Seated Presses and done 2 sets starting with 100 pounds.  My new training philosophy is that you shouldn’t drop in weight to do more sets.  Your last set should be the set with the highest weight.  I started with 100 pounds and done 10 reps with hands a bit closer together.  I then put the weight up to 120 pounds and done about 7 reps and then assisted myself with 3 more reps.

I knew I shouldn’t drop weight so I went to the Benches and got 40 pound Dumbbells and tried Dumbbell Bench Presses.  For my first set I only got out 6 reps with struggle.  For my very last set I went down to 35 pound dumbbells and done 10 very, very hard reps.

Triceps: to do Triceps after a Chest workout like that is torture but I tried it and failed pretty miserably.

I started by doing 3 set of Tricep Pushdowns.  My first set was with 35 pounds and I done 10 reps with the weight.  Doing this felt stressful especially on a straight bar but I done another set and this time with 45 pounds and I done 10 more reps.  I thought I should try the curved bar so I did and I done 50 pounds and 10 reps.  I felt I wasn’t doing these up to par so I thought I should try another contraption.

I went to the Bent Over Tricep Pullover and done one set with about 45 pounds for 7 reps.

It was also a shit mover so I moved to Lying Machine Tricep Extensions.  I done only two sets on this because it wasn’t so good on the Shoulders.  I’m going to have to find new exercises for the Triceps.  My first set was with 30 pounds and I done 10 reps.  My last set was with 45 pounds and I done 10 more.

Abdominals: I thought to try something new so I got onto the Low Ab Crunch thing and done 20 reps on it.  I then got onto the normal crunch machine and done 20 reps with 20 pounds.  I then done another set with that weight and I could feel the burn.  I then took it off and done another 20 reps and I was very sore.

I decided to do side Crunches so I started with 35 pounds and done 10 reps each side.  I then went up to 45 pounds for the last 2 sets and done 10 reps for each set.

Warmdown: I was going to do 10 calories in 1 minute but a warmdown is no rush so I done it in 2 minutes.

I just ate some protein and carbo-loaded myself.

Planning Ahead

Keith rang me while I was writing this asking if I wanted to go to Kentlyn again.  Well anything is better than Kentlyn but anything hasn’t come up, so that’s where I am going in 5 minutes.

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