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1996 Meal Plan 019

Mad Chaos: Friday, July 26, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Errands In Campbelltown

Today was the most hectic day of the month, with me running around everywhere.

I got up and had no breakfast.

I went out (in the rain by the way) to Campbelltown to get my money.

Then, I went and bought the shopping to last me until Monday, as well as buy food I’ll need for tomorrow.  It cost me $25.  It took me ages to walk the 2 plastic bags worth of food home.

I stopped off at Bradbury shops and got “Nivea Body”, the best moisturizer for my legs money could buy called.

I then dropped the goods off at home.

Pay Fine In Parramatta

I later ventured off to the station and locked my bike up to go to Parramatta.  It was a long, fun ride.  I made it and paid off the fine for not wearing a helmet.

I also rang up Padstow and they were still looking for people, meaning I might not be good enough for them.

I came home from Parramatta (by the way, it was still raining) and went home.

Errands At Home

At home, I had a big feed for the gym.

Imad Declines On Homebush

While it was cooking (and it was dark and raining by now!), I rode to the shops and rang up Imad to see if he was coming to Homebush.  He said he might, depending on if the money comes tomorrow.

Tatton Declines On Homebush

I then went over to Tatton’s house in the wet and asked if he was coming to Homebush.  The bum, as usual said no because he’s a bum and can’t get the dough.  I guess the ones that aren’t coming have better things to do than to go out with their friends and have a good time on expense of some money.

Pari Agrees On Homebush

I rang up Pari.  He was expecting me to call and he picked up the phone pretty quick.  Keen.  That’s good because that’s the way it should have been in the first place.  He did have the money and he was very willing to go to Homebush.

I came back home after I rang him, and then got ready to go to the gym.

Gym Routine

exerciseHere’s the schedule for today.

Warmup: I warmed up for only 2 minutes and burning 20 calories because I was already warmed up from riding the bike everywhere and wearing a big, hot jumper.  I didn’t do any stretching apart from a tiny bit for the Calves today.
Biceps: I’m proud of what I did for Biceps and it could have lasted longer but, let’s see how it feels tomorrow.  I started with two warm up sets firstly on Preacher Curls starting with 20 pounds and doing 15 slow reps.

I then promoted myself to the Standing Cable Curls and done 15 more reps warmup with 20 pounds.

I then got into the heavy shit and went to do Seated Alternate Dumbbell Curls.  I started on 35 pound Dumbbells and done my 8 reps.  It was a tad easier than I expected so I upped the weight to 40 pound Dumbbells.  I had doubts and I started off good and got to 6 reps easy, Then doing 2 more almost cheat reps but good form.  I then went and got the E.Z Curl bar and put on 60 pounds.

My first set was a bit easy doing 8 easy reps.  I then thought I should put the weight down for a split second but I kept it the same and done 8 more reps.

I then walked over to the Cable Preacher Curls again and this time with 15 pounds started my endurance set and ended up doing a medium 60 reps.  I was fatigued but I felt I could do more.

Triceps: My Triceps workouts lack all the time.  From not doing the motions properly to, not finding enough exercises to choose from.  Today My Shoulders in the Rear region were cramping up because of bad form on the Tricep Pushdowns.

I started on Cable Lying Tricep Extensions and started on 20 pounds doing 40 reps before conking out.  That set felt good on my Triceps so, I decided to go again with the same weight and done one more set of 40 reps.

I then moved to Tricep Pushdowns with a half supinated grip.  I put the weight to 20 pounds and done 40 more reps.

I then moved to the second phase of my Tricep program and done medium weight sets.  I moved to a straight bar Tricep Pushdown and with 30 pounds done 30 more reps.

This is where my Shoulders started to ache so I moved on to Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension.  I got out a 25 pound dumbbell and done myself 30 reps.  My last set was with a 40 pound Dumbbell and I done 8 easy reps.  I knew I could do at least 50 pounds but I just didn’t think it until It was done.

Calves: This was a better workout than most I have encountered for the Calves.  I remember once doing my Calves in Feelin Fit and I was Supersetting Standing Calve Raises with Seated Calve Raises and after 3 Supersets I couldn’t even walk.  This session wasn’t as good as that but it’s up there.

I did 6 sets all up starting with Standing Calve Raises with 100 pounds and doing 30 reps.  I then put the weight down to 80 pounds because on that set I went very far and I could feel my Calves very much in contraction and full of blood by just raising myself up and down on the spot with no weight.  My second set was with 80 pounds and lasted for 30 more reps.  I varied my feet in and out all the time throughout the reps.

I then jumped on Donkey Calve Raises and with 120 pounds could barely do 30 more reps.  I got up and went to Seated Calve Raises and put on 40 pounds and done 30 more reps with this weight.  I left the weight on and commenced another set of 30 reps and I was struggling on the last 15 reps barely getting it up.

My last set was going to be Standing Calve raises but I decided on Hack Squat Calve Raises and it worked to a splendor with 80 pounds on the Machine and me doing 30 reps opposite way of the Hack squat Machine.

I didn’t warm down because I felt like it.

Going For Gold In Homebush

The time has come.

It is the dawning, to see how far I can push myself when the time comes tomorrow.  It is my event, my accomplishments, my Olympics.

Let us call it “me against myself” Olympics because that is what I’ll be doing come tomorrow morning.

I’m all geared up to go out to Homebush tomorrow.

Already Tatton has dropped out (figures).  Imad might be dropping out but it should be a considerable drop out.  Osama isn’t coming so, it will only be me and Pari going for Gold.

Planning Homebush

I have no bag to carry my shit in when I meet Pari at 10:00 am tomorrow morning, so I’ll have my radio wake me up at 9:30 am and get a plastic bag.  Then I need to go to buy a whole fish from the takeaway shop at Bradbury while calling up Pari.

Meal Plan (19)

Here is my dietary intake for tomorrow.

Meal One: Special-K Cereal, Ham & Pea soup, Spaghetti (200g).
Meal Two: 8 Egg Whites, 2 Fish Sandwiches,  2 Bananas. At Homebush, After Workout…


Meal Three: 200g White Fish, 500g Yogurt, 500ml Milkshake. After Swimming/Spa/Sauna
Meal Four: 5 Pieces Chicken,  1 banana. At home
Meal Five: 500 Ml Milkshake,  1 banana.

Calories: 5032
Protein: 485.9 38.6%
Fat: 71.4 12.8%
Carbohydrates: 611.5 48.6%

I am taking with me 2 Vitamin C tablets, A Multivitamin and a Calcium tablet.  I will take the same amounts for Pari, in case he wants some.  I’m also packing some of my eggs, some yogurt and a banana or two for him in case he gets hungry.

Right now I’m going to get all the stuff ready for tomorrow.  I’m going to put some moisturizing lotion on my legs and go to sleep.

Cya tomorrow.

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