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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, June 5, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

In Memory Of Lake Curtis

Tomorrow is the day that Lake Curtis passed away.  What the group will do on that night is undecided but we will not go out without doing anything.

Vivid Dreams

The day started at 11:00 am.  Strangely enough, I got up at 9:00 am in the morning but I decided to go back to sleep.

I am remembering dreams now more vividly and I think it is to do with what I am eating, It is also mental.

Keith Asks For $3 Loan

Keith came over around noon to ask me if he could borrow $3, so he could buy lunch.  Pretty fucked if you ask me, that he thinks he could do that and get what he wants.  It’s the moral of the way he asked me by coming to my house and then pissing me off so he could get it.  I didn’t give it to him and that’s that.

Job Search

employmentUnited Realty didn’t call me today so I think I should start looking for another job soon.  I tried to when the paper came in but I couldn’t find a suitable job in the paper.

Oh the life of the unemployed is so desolate and unsatisfying.

Campbelltown Library To Loan Books

I went down to the Library today and I got out 3 books and a video.  The video was shit and it was trying to teach me how to Read Music and stuff I already knew.  The other books were the right way to read music, which I already had loaned before.  I also borrowed Gray’s Anatomy of the Body and another Anatomy book.

I have 2-3 hours of reading time and I am going to study the Anatomy books vividly first.  I want to read up on the Anatomy and the respiratory system and also the blood circulation system and the muscles and how they work together in the body.

Jett Wants To Hang Out

Jett rang me up today and asked if I wanted to meet him up at Macarthur Square to hang for a while but I told him I was going out tonight doing the regular.  But I didn’t end up going out.

Dina Messes With Imad’s Mind

I saw Imad today.  He was supposed to come over tonight and sleep but he didn’t end up staying, so I guess he’s at home.

Yesterday he went over to Dina’s house and slept there, at first on the couch, before he jumped in with her.  She’s beginning to mess with his mind now.  I don’t like it but I don’t have enough courage to tell him because he might not listen to me.

My Biceps are sore today.  They hurt a bit.  My muscles looked full today so it must have been to do with my diet.  I was nourishing them today with carbohydrates and protein.

Wash My Hair

I done my hair today also and it came out pretty slick and looked good.  I shampooed it and let it dry without a blow dry or towel around it for 2 hours while I played the piano.  Then I just combed it and not much hair came out.

Meal Plan

Today was pretty normal of a food day.  Breakfast was a bowl of cornflakes and a Le snack and some yogurt.  I then had an afternoon snack, which was 2 sandwiches with eggs and everything else.  I had orange juice through the day and then I just had some milkshake and 4 pieces of half-done chicken legs.  I’m going to have more, and I feel like having some orange juice, and who knows what else.  Maybe I’ll have some boiled eggs.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow I’m going for a bike ride maybe to Liverpool again, or I might go for a strength ride up at Wedderburn depending on what I feel like and what time I head off.

I sure write a lot for a guy that doesn’t have nothing much to say.

Nothing happened tonight, time to read.

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