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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, June 25, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Yesterday I woke up around 12:00 pm and made some breakfast to eat before I went to the gym.  I ate pasta and cornflakes.  I ended up at the gym around 2:00 pm, and started at 2:30 pm.  Tarina hadn’t come with me yet.

Gym Routine

exerciseThis was my workout for today.

Warm-up: At the start of my Bicycle ride I rode very slow and steadily but, near the 3rd minute I kept it over 200 ton on the weight of the pedals and I knocked off 45 calories in 5 minutes.  That’s my Personal best so far.

I also got up and done some stretches for the Chest and for the Triceps and the back of the Shoulder region.  I was then ready.

Pectoralis: I started differently today because it was my heavy day for the Chest so, I started with Incline Fly’s with 20 pound Dumbbell’s for 15 slow reps.  I then grabbed 35 pound dumbbells and done Incline Presses for 12 reps.  I then handed myself the 45 pound dumbbells and done 12 more strict reps.  I was getting fatigued by now so I tried 50 pounders anyway and got out about 6 reps by myself and then done 2-3 half reps.

I then went and jumped on the Barbell Decline Press and done 10 reps with 80 pounds on the Bar.  I only done one set of this and then I went to the Dips and done 10 hard and slow reps on it.

I moved to the supported Dips and used 40 pounds help for the 2nd set and done 10 reps.  My last set of Supported dips was with 80 pounds and I done 10 more reps.

I moved to Seated Machine Press and started with 90 pounds and I done 10 reps.  I was tired on this exercise and needed to stretch so I did and it didn’t really achieve anything.  My next set was with 110 pounds and I done 10 more reps.  My last set was with 120 pounds and I done about 5 reps by myself and then I assisted myself.

My next exercise was the peck Deck and I used 60 pounds on it and I was really tired and could hardly do 10 reps on it.  My last 3 sets were with Pullovers.  I was so fucked I didn’t want to do 3 sets of this but I managed to do it and in great success.  I started with 30 pounds and done 10 reps.  Then I raised it to 45 pounds and done 2 more sets of 10 reps.

Abdominals: This was a bit more challenging than usual.  I went and started on Crunches and done 30 reps with no weight.  Then I managed to do 30 more reps and almost conking out on the last 5.  I then got a 20 pound plate and placed it on my Chest and done 20 more reps.

I then went and done Machine Crunches and started with 200 pounds and done 20 reps.  I then raised it to 220 Pounds and done 20 more reps.  I done that weight for another set of 20 reps and that was it for the Abs.

Warmdown: Consisted of 2 minutes on the bike and burning 10 calories.

Tomorrow I am doing my whole back.  I am thinking of also including my biceps.  They need some work, and I am going to give it to them.

After the gym I went home to put on some clothes and the jacket that Imad gave to me last night.

Looking For Tarina

Then I went over to Tarina’s house.  She wasn’t there so I went back home for a bit.

I was falling asleep.  Then I got up and called Brodie.  I was going to get Tarina’s number off Celeste by calling Brodie, but I heard Brodie went out just a minute ago, so I thought I’d go meet up with him.

As I was walking down my street Keith came and picked me up.  He said that Rory was picking Tarina and Betty up from school, and they went back home.  I got sent to Tarina’s house shortly after that by Keith.  Tarina answered the door, and I shooed Keith off.

Tarina’s House

She was apologizing for going out, saying she had to go to the video shop because they were having a meeting.  I forgave her and then spent 3 hours talking to her in her house with only us two.

She told me about her previous boyfriend.  We were just talking to her for a while and then her mum came home.  I met her mom and then left just before 7:00 pm.  We told each other to go out tonight and we did.

Kentlyn Hangout

Once home, I had my 2 pieces of chicken and sandwiches.

I got Keith to pick me up from home.   Carey was with him.

We went to Campbelltown and then we went to Kentlyn again.  This time the girls were making the fire.  They made a pretty okay fire.  I went and tore down three 10 meter trees for the fire.

I hung around everyone for a while at the start just talking and then I was talking to Janice about Sunday night.

Then I talked to Celeste and we told Aubree that I thought she looked sick in her formal photos, and I used to really like her in year 9.  It didn’t really bother me talking to her about that because I can tell that she likes me.  I could be wrong though.

Tarina was sitting on Rory’s car all by herself so I went up there.  I was feeling pretty playful when I went up and had a fun talk to her.  We were pushing each other until she had to go.

I asked for Tarina’s number today and she gave it to me.  I have her phone number and she also gave me her street address.

They left at 10:30 pm.

Knowing Berenice

Keith and Rory had Berenice with us – who was kicked out of the house.  We also had her little brother.  We went to where he was living at Liverpool and dropped him off.  Berenice went and slept at Carey’s house at Ambarvale, in a house next to a chick I saw when Keith was delivering pizza once.

After we dropped them off I was dropped off and that was that.

I am tired now and I am going to go to bed soon.  See you tomorrow.

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