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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, June 11, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

I thought I’d write in this journal before I started getting into the night.

Australian Government Slashes Skillshare Funding

John Howard has cut the pay going to Skillshare by 1/3 for the Macarthur region.  I think that’s a piece of shit idea but if it goes through then it might not bother me that much.  I will be going for a course at TAFE at the start of next year if I don’t get a job by then.

Drive with Keith

Today Keith picked me up at around 11:00 a.m. and used my phone to ring Bình.  We went for a drive down Campbelltown, followed by a drive to his house to make the rest of my Mix.  Now the mix is 2/3 complete and needs some Techno.

Pick Up Imad

We saw Imad and picked him up from Bradbury shops.  Then we went and dropped him off at the CES.  He slept over Dina’s house last night and said he was sleeping over there again.  He told her what I think of her.

I went to Dina’s house today to see if Imad was there and she didn’t show any bad ways towards me.

Visit Johnnie’s House

I went to Maura’s house and I saw her and Johnnie at Johnnie’s house listening to music.  Johnnie was playing Monopoly with Wolf, and she was just sitting there.

Johnnie is having a piss up in his backyard on Saturday for Wolf.  Meuriel is going to be there so, so am I.

Meuriel is thinking of going to the 21st birthday party Noah is having and Keith is DJ’ing.  From what I take it, it is going to be big, but not as big as Rory’s party.  I could be wrong though because there is going to be a stripper there and that could get people going.

Night Routine

I just did some stretches for the legs and I got my brother to help me out a bit with it.  I got down pretty easy today meaning the stretches I did yesterday helped.

I have done stretches 3 days in a row now.  I also exercised my biceps for 4 sets going in a pyramid fashion to 60 pounds for 8 shit reps.

My quadriceps still hurt from the cycling but that will be over tomorrow.  My Biceps and the back of my legs are going to hurt tomorrow.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow if it is not raining I am going to go for a bike ride to Liverpool.  I might also go down to the CES and look for a job.

I am thinking of reading more Anatomy and at the same time playing the Settlers or Desert strike.  That’s what I’ll do then.

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