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Mad Chaos: Thursday, June 27, 1996

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Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Dump Binh’s Shop Garbage

Last night Keith came over at 11:00 pm.  We went to Bình’s shop and we took out the garbage.  Keith shouted me some McDonalds.  Then we went and dropped off the waste behind Macarthur Square.

After that I came home and went to sleep around 2:30 am.

Drive To Keith’s House

I got up after 12:00 pm, so I slept a bit more than twelve hours.

Then Imad came over with Keith and picked me up to go and send in my form.

After that, we went to Keith’s house and watched Dangerous Minds.

Keith’s mum is back and she was acting weird and pissing off Keith today.

I still am not talking to my parents yet.

Rumor That Aubree Likes Me

So, I hear that Aubree likes me.  Keith and Imad want me to try flirting with Aubree to see if it will piss off Tarina but I don’t work like that.

I found out that last night Janice and Aubree kept asking Keith if I was going down last night.  That means one of them has a crush on me and likes me.  I am betting that it is Aubree.  Not that I wouldn’t go and do something with Janice but I think that Aubree would go off.

I still like Tarina and if I was to go out with anyone it would be her but she is playing me and I can see it and I don’t let myself be played.  No girl plays me and gets away with it so, If she is playing me then she can get lost.

Suspicious Of Astor

I saw Astor ‘s car after school yesterday as I was going to the gym.  Then I saw Aubree’s car and they didn’t go out last night (Tarina and Astor), so I am wondering if I was dogged.

Astor shouldn’t even be dogging me for her because I would not do it to him.

Sinuses Clearing Up

I just had a nice shower just then and it kind of cleared up my sinuses and my ears can hear more.

Keen To Hit On Aubree

I am going out tonight and if Tarina isn’t there then I am going to go and try Aubree, but if Tarina is there, then I might still go and try Aubree depending on how I am treated.

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