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Mad Chaos: Sunday, June 2, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

‘Tis now the second day of the month and already I have had a splendor of a time.  Blissful is the life of one with luck and fortune.  I will fill you in on that later.

Waiting For Keith

The epic started off yesterday.  I woke up at the hour of 12:00 pm and all was well.  I played the piano and I ate some food.  Then, I called Keith and I told him to come over my house and we’ll go out somewhere.

Keith didn’t show up for about an hour so I went for a bicycle ride down to Campbelltown to see who was down there and came back home shortly after that.

With Keith On Pizza Hut Deliveries

Keith came over just after I came home so I did not eat when I left.  We went cruising down M.S.P and then we went to Pizza Hut to work and shit.  Work was boring.  Imad came down later.  We finished delivery runs around 8:00 pm.

St. Andrews Fire Trail Hangout

Tonight was a change of location as we went with 4 or 5 cars full to a new place in St Andrews fire trail where we went about 4 days ago.

Bình opened the gate with his council key and we all went in there.

There were about 20 of us, Keith, Imad, Shawn, Ned, Brodie, Noah, Astor, Anxo, Rory, Palmer, Janice, Harley, Natasha, Sherry, Bình, Jake, and some other dudes that popped out with Sherry.

Build A Camp Fire

We built a fire at a lookout where you can see the whole of Sydney and all other places as far as the eye could see.

Palmer Chats Up Harley

Harley ended up getting with Palmer.  We told him to back off or he’d see trouble.  He was scared of Imad bashing him so he kept backing off.

Imad and Rory Like Sherry

Imad wanted to get onto Sherry to piss off Rory but he thought he wouldn’t, so he didn’t.  So, Rory ended up getting onto Sherry again.

I was being a sick cunt with Imad and all that.

Natasha was a loner tonight with none of the guys wanting to know her.

Keith Gets Onto Janice

That party was kind of shit with Keith also getting onto Janice or vise versa.

Paddy Bashing and Doughies

Shawn was doing doughies around the paddock while Brodie took us out for a paddy bash in the back of the van.

Keith Drives Me Home

I pissed off with Keith around 11:30 pm.  When we went home, me and Keith watched basketball for a while.  He went home halfway through that.

Steal Newspapers With Keith

I went out by myself to steal papers at 2:00 am in the morning.  Keith also came down the street.  He had driven down.  I was expecting him to come actually, so I got into the car and we went out and looked for papers.  We found some at Bradbury and took a whole bunch.  I took two and put the rest in the hatch.

Contemplating An All-Nighter

We wanted to do an all-nighter but we needed one more person.

Trying To Wake Imad Up

So, Keith got me to ring up Imad at 2:30 am in the morning.  His mum didn’t put me onto him because sorry enough “he was sleeping”.

Trying To Wake Shawn Up

So we went over to Shawn’s house and decided to jump his fence and wake him up.  He woke up but he didn’t want to come out with us.

Drive Maura And Friends Home

Keith and I were going to have an all-nighter tonight but we happened to run into fate.

We went for an M.S.P and we ended up meeting with Maura and the girl she always talks about being hot, Gayla and Belle was with them also (who I had my eye on).  They were at Chevys, the night club on Queen Street.

We drove them home.

I was being sly and talking to them and all that and Keith was the quiet one and stayed quiet driving.  I had my eye on Belle.

We took them to St Andrews funnily enough where Gayla lived.  We left them there and headed off.

Flirt with Belle Outside House

pick-up girl

We knew we didn’t want to go, so we went around the corner, did a U-turn and went straight back.

I saw someone peep their head out the window so I knew that they would come to the door.

I called over Maura.  I got her to set us up.

Maura called her friends down to talk to us.

After talking to us for 10 minutes they went back inside and I got some juicy information on them and Gayla, who works at Woolworths tomorrow.

We might have them coming out with us to Noah’s party.  I might see the girls before Noah’s party if they go over to Maura’s house but I have to see tomorrow.

We might go up to Macarthur Square tomorrow depending on what’s happening.  I might not mind getting on to Tarina but I want to see where this other thing goes with Gayla and her friend.

Planning Ahead

I am going to ring up United Realty tomorrow and see if they have made a decision.  I am feeling lucky and I might get the job.

Now I am going to do the splits and go to bed a little later.  I might set my radio to wake me up around 12:00 pm at the latest.

Capricorn Horoscope Says

I’m, going to read the paper now and my horoscope says it will be a month of greater optimism and self confidence, This month will give me knowledge and training of success and I will act upon it.  There will be plenty of action in the first half of the month for passion and mainly sex and, many Capricorns start new relationships at the start of this month.  So, that’s a good sign for the month to come.

It is already a strong month and will continue for the month to come.

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