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Mad Chaos: Sunday, June 16, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Loving Life

Well, I just read the poetry I wrote at the start of this month and I have accomplished nearly half of my monthly resolutions.  The physical aspects I am yet to encounter but emotionally I am intact and loving it.

I love life, for no reason really but I just love it.

I have so many things to account for in my life, yet so much to do, but life gives me the things I love to do, and that’s why life is special.

Tatton Comes Over

Right now I am listening to Michael Jackson’s History album.  Today I was doing much the same thing.

I sat at home today waking up around 2:00 pm by a call from Tatton wanting to come over.  I played computer for a while with Tatton and then I read the book of Anatomy and had a shower, brushed my teeth, ate a bit of food, and the usual.

I don’t not like anyone now.  I let anyone come over and be my friend and companion.  But Jett and Tatton and all the others that I used to be friends with, we somehow died off, and became acquaintances instead.

Organizing Tonight

I rang Keith but it seems nothing is going on tonight and I don’t know if Tarina is there tonight.  If she is there then she might be interested in me because she does not usually come down.  Now she comes down regularly.  I hope she does like me because I like her.

I kind of feel slack for doing the deed on Rory but if I didn’t do it then he would just do it again against me.  I only feel bad about hitting him and getting the fear out of him, otherwise he deserved all he got.

I don’t think I’m going to miss out on much tonight because it is raining.  If Tarina came out tonight then I will be missing out on a lot.

Looking Forward

Tomorrow I might be starting up gym depending on how I feel on the day, and if I am ready mentally and physically.  I also have to book an L’s lesson tomorrow.  I also have to look some jobs up from the paper.  I might have to make up a regimen for tomorrow’s hectic day.  If I don’t go out with the rest of them then I might go to sleep earlier today.

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