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Mad Chaos: Saturday, June 8, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Well, so much for relaxing.

Pizza Hut Deliveries With Keith

Just after I wrote my last entry I went with Keith down to Pizza Hut, where we met Imad from coming from the Station.  Keith worked until about 8:00 pm.  Then we met everyone that was there for the night.

Gathering Behind Pizza Hut

It started off with Aubree who died her hair black.  She now looks absolutely gorgeous, and who also might not be going out with anyone.  There was also Tarina who I wanted to get onto tonight, Janice, Janice, Harley, Ralf, Shawn and Imad.

Keith Plays Pokies In Catholic Club

Keith pissed off with Shawn and Ralf to get pissed up at the Catholic club but Keith ended up losing $200 on the pokey machines.  Rory came with us and Palmer was also with us too.

Kentlyn Lookouts

We first went to Kentlyn lookouts and stayed there for a while.  I was in Aubree’s car with Joanne in the front and Celeste and Imad were in the back.  We were both trying to hit it off.

Imad And Celeste On The Rocks

I feel that Imad was slack to Celeste because he got a phone call from her and he straight away wanted to go see what it was about.  She wouldn’t even say over the phone.  Apparently it was something to do with Mike but I think she found out he was coming out with us to try to get onto someone and she got jealous, or didn’t want to lose the thought of using Imad.  She is not back together with him and he is sleeping over her house again.

Drive To McDonalds

We met up with Astor, William and Keith at McDonalds.  We also met up with Brodie and we saw May there.

Liking Tarina And Aubree

I was trying to get onto Tarina when we went to the Graveyard lookout near Ned’s but she had a talk with almost everyone there except for me, and I have a VERY BIG feeling it was about me.  Janice whispered to me “Don’t worry about her Tony,” and Aubree heard her say it.  After that point on I didn’t worry about her.

Brodie And Celeste Kiss

I sat in the car with Keith minding my own business when Tarina sat next to Brodie on the car.  It looked as if they were very close.  I don’t really care because she’s not going out with me yet or anything so, I just carried on normally.  After that she took him over away from everyone and had a talk to him about something, but I don’t know what.  He started to get onto Celeste a bit after that so I don’t know what’s going on.

A while after that Aubree left and I was left on the bonnet of Astor’s car sitting next to her and Janice talking.  It didn’t seem like she was trying to avoid me because she was talking to me and asked me if I am going to Rory`’s party.  Of course, I am going.  It might be shit but it is worth going there.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow I am going for a bike ride to Liverpool and back and then.  I am going out on the Wedderburn road after that and maybe doing some stretches.

I got down very far today and I am going to do some in a second, after I finish this.

I had a shave today and all too, to impress Tarina.  Well not really but I had a shave.

I’m going to go to sleep before 2:00 am today and I will get up at 10:00 am so I can go on a bike ride around 12:00 pm.  If my brother is up at that time I am going to ask if he wants to come with me.

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