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Mad Chaos: Friday, June 28, 1996

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Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Determined To Attend Job Interview

Iemployment was thinking earlier on that I shouldn’t go to this interview, but I was just thinking again, and I thought, I might as well go and see what it has to offer, because if I don’t try this job out then I won’t get another opportunity for a while.

I will get up tomorrow at 9:00 am and then I am going to get ready.  At 9:45 am I am going to call Keith and go get my hair cut.

I feel good for this job tomorrow.  I am going to be straight out with them and tell them the truth.  Who knows… this could be the job that gets me my first car and my P’s.  I think it is worth going.

After I get my haircut I am going to catch the train and head off for my interview or get Keith to give me a lift there.

Financial Plan

My money will be spent on the Gym for $30, a medical bill that is outstanding for $30, and I will also book my driving lesson for $25, a tire for my bike which will end up being $40 and, I am getting a haircut tomorrow which will be $15.

Pizza Hut New Recruits

Tonight Keith picked me up 10 minutes after my last entry.  We went around Pizza hut for a while and Ned was there working.

New on the job were Ralf and Tino.  Tino was inside working and Ralf was a deliverer.

Kentlyn Group Bonfire

We met up with the girls at 9:00 pm.  It was Aubree Tarina, Janice, Harley and Celeste.  We went out to (you guessed it) Kentlyn and (you guessed it) lit a fire for the mob.

Discovering Who Is A User

I found out something new tonight.  Girls do dig the cars and tonight it was Tarina’s turn to adore.  And that she did with Astor’s car.

As soon as Astor got here Tarina was in his car and she even offered to drive his car.  She never used to smoke much around me but with Astor, she smokes 3 or more cigarettes a night.

behaviorI really never thought I’d hear myself say this but Tarina is just a user and she turns me off.  She acts all innocent when I am there but I know her game now.

Chat With Janice

I talked to Janice about her drinking habits because she made a deal with Tarina that she would drink every night of the holidays.  I said to her if she drinks up and gets drunk more than twice then she would turn me off and I would turn against her and snob her.  It seemed to disappoint her and she said to me that she would not do that at all.  I will be there to slap her down every time I see her drinking.

Janice was getting kinky with me at one stage because my affection obviously turned her on for her and she flagged me down to Keith’s car.  Yaye, away from the crowd in the dark and she talked to me while she got me to get a knot out of her skirt, near her legs.

I saw that Aubree was getting frustrated because I was with Janice and she held her head down in disappointment so, I went over and sat next to her for a very long time.

Get Wood From Forest With Janice

Me and her at the start of the night went into the woods by ourselves and went to get wood, in the dark.  We broke down 2 trees and spent a while down there talking.

This guy came later in a Celica and it was a 78 Celica and he came in his slippers.  Me and Aubree were laughing at him.  Aubree put her head on my shoulder at one stage and that made me feel tops.

I have a good feeling that Aubree likes me.  I also have a feeling that Janice has great respect for me, or she likes me or something.

Wollongong Caravan Plan

Tomorrow or tonight, Rory is going to Wollongong.  He has hired out a caravan.  Most of the gang is going down there.  I am going to go down only if someone is willing to drive back.  Hopefully I get to drive back with Aubree by ourselves but I don’t think that will happen.

Planning Ahead

It is time to go to sleep and get ready for the interview tomorrow because I really want to do this.  It is 12:52 am and it is time to go to sleep.

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