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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, May 1, 1996

The Smalls Interview

Today I found out that I had to go to an interview with Smalls yesterday.  I rang up Smalls and I was ready to go, thinking that today was the day I was meant to go.  But they told me that yesterday was the day I was supposed to turn up.  I said I could make it today and was happy to hear that they could fit me in at 4:00 pm.

I put on a suit and went there.  I got tested on Wordperfect 5.1 and did good.  I also got tested on Excel version 5.0 and went pretty good on that too.  My typing speed was 41 words per minute and I only got 6 errors in all, and my error rating was 97% error free.  All of that is pretty good.

I almost fell asleep half way through the interview though because the interviewer babbled on a bit.   She asked me what my good aspects were and I said “My motivation and being keen and my ability to finish work before others.”   I was then asked what is my disability and I replied “None.”   She said “You should have replied ‘I am a perfectionist'”, or something on the lines of that.   The interview took 1 hour.

Cruise with The Boys

After that, I got home, ate and then went out with the boys again.  This time not much people were there, being Keith, Noah, Bình, Ralf, Dina, Shawn and me.

Imad sees Dina

Imad was at Dina’s house today and he must have been having a good time there.

It is a new month now and I hope this month brings me a job because I can’t wait till I get a Celica.   There is a party on Saturday night and it is supposed to be a party of Mandy’s friend, and we are all going to crash it.   Nothing more to say, time to go.

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