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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, May 14, 1996

Diary Corrections

I just corrected a mistake in May.   I was back 2 or 3 days because of a mistake I had done on the 9th but it is now fixed.

Today I woke up around 1:00 pm.

Pizza Hut Deliveries

Keith came to my house around 3 pm and picked me up to go on deliveries with him.  I finished my shower and went with him.

Keith Stokes Tensions

Everyone is angry at Rory but Keith is causing all the tension between Rory and everyone.  Rory is the one in the wrong but Keith should not get everyone to fight with Rory for Keith.   Ned, Bình, Janice and Noah were there today.

Noah brought his mum’s Ford so he could learn to drive so he can go good for his P’s test.

Janice Confronts Rory

Janice and all the rest of us went to Rory’s house because Rory thought he could fuck Janice the night we went to Kentlyn when she was really drunk.  Keith told her (figures), and Janice went to Rory’s house to blow him up.

Dole Application

I went for my Dole yesterday and I should have called them back today to see when I am getting my Dole but I forgot.  I  may have to call them tomorrow.   I am going to get it I hope within the next 2 weeks.   When the paper comes tomorrow I am going to look for jobs extensively.

Healthy Lifestyle Decline

I was thinking today how much I used to take care of my body when I was working out.  I used to take vitamins regularly.  Now I sparsely take them.   I used to love the benefits of training and I used to find a way to eat 5 times a day.  Now I only eat 2-3 meals a day.

Today I had 2 meals and even though they were big meals I eat more junk food now and I only get 1500 calories a day.   That’s enough to go on a diet.

After I finish writing this I am going to go back in my entries and catalogue how much weight I am up to in weights and the gains I made.   I’m going to play a little piano tonight and get ready for tomorrow.

Moment of Truth

I always find a way to write a lot of stuff even though I don’t feel like writing a lot of stuff.

Time to play the Piano.

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